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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

Santa oddness

This is a strange picture a friend from nearby sent me.  I think it's kinda cool and freaky at the same time.  He looks like a Grizzleheim santa for some reason. 

Yep, it's been a whirlwind of a Christmas for me with family over and sadly our Comcast crashed yesterday so I missed my "peeps" on wizard.

Here are three codes.  THEY WILL ONLY WORK FOR THE FIRST WIZARD THAT REDEEMS THEM!  So be fast and cross your fingers.  Whoever they work for please reply to this post so I know I can take them off.



Sure hope you had a rockin' Christmas.  Comment and let me know how things went for you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vote for Wizard101 in MMORPG best-of contests

Look these sites up and vote for wizard 101.  Who knows?  With your help Wizard could be #1!

Massively - Best Family Game of the Decade
Massive Online Gamer Best of 2010 - Favorite MMO Company - Best Free 2 Play MMO - Game of the Year

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crafting Gear

Over the last couple of weeks I have been adventuring the world of crafting on a whole new level.

This is due to my friend Duncan Starstone. (He is always thinking up something awesome!)

While questing in Celestia on our Ice Toons he discovered an Ice Blade Amulet that could be crafted. It is named the Iceblade Vial and the recipe can be purchased from Charlotte Heath in Celestia at the Base Camp. It gives one card that increases the ice hit an additional 45%. Add that to your school blade of 40% and tri blade of 35% and look out arena here we come.....

Then on a questing night Duncan tells me he wants to craft an Ice Hat that will increase his ice critical factor and his life critical factor... tips he got from our friend and ice team member Kestrel Spiritblade - Hmmmm, sounds like a good plan. (He can be so amazing when he starts to scheme lol)

The Wintersoul Mantle recipe can be purchased from Hamish Willoughby in the Grotto. This hat offers
+301 health, +5% accuracy in ice, +53 Critical Rating in ice, +11% strength in ice
and +5% accuracy to life, +60 Critical Rating to life, +15% strength to life.

Some amazing attributes to add to the Ice Gear set up.... Will be Nice to go Critical when healing.... Over the next few days we will be testing our new gear out on random bosses and I will update and let you know how well it works. Maybe post some hit damage factors and critical heal facts.

Crafting can be challenging at times due to the farming for regeants. But in my personal oppinion it is well worth the effort. It has turned out to be one of KingsIsles best updates so far.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unbalance is Back!

In Wizard101's release of Celestia there have been a lot of changes with the new spells and powers.  Ice has new gear that rocks.  Other schools have nuclear spells that are "off the chain", thankfully they are not chain-er :D  But the unbalance dispel card finally was put out with the new update.  This means that balance may likely not pwn everyone in 1v1 any more. 

I've collected a lot of observations lately about arena.  I think the school to watch now is life.  I'll post more on that soon.

If you don't want to get nuked by a 2800 tough judgement I'd recommend unbalance for those tricky 1v1s.  I probably won't carry them in 4v4 but who knows?  Once I set up my deck for Ice I'll post it for comment.

Happy Adventuring!
Valerian Nightbringer

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

86 hour work streak randomness

After finishing a huge stretch of work I'm getting back into the wizard101 world with a vengance.  For some fun and information check out these wiz links.
Check out a cool new video here:
Browse through the new news letter:

If you log in around Christmas time from Dec 21 to Jan 1 you will be awarded with a Christmas hat of some variety.  I'd post the link but it's broken.  I hope it's a Santa hat!  I love to wear mine around the house when I'm doing Christmass-y things like shopping online or decorating.
And don't forget to pick up an ice elf if you are looking for a new pet that is "cool" this time of year.

His smile is about as big as mine now that I'm done work!
Last but not least is our latest update on lounge lizards... zoom in on the picture and see where the green arrow is pointing.  You'll need to navigate there.  Good hunting!

Valerian Nightbringer

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