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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Epic Mount Ideas

Well, I challenged you to submit great ideas on mounts and there were some super awesome ideas.  Unfortunately the comment trail doesn't really let me respond to people by email sooo those of you listed here with ideas that Cody and Logan voted on should leave a comment for me with your email address and I'll send you something cool or COOL (either one).

So without further ado, here are some of your awesome ideas.  Sorry that I can't list all of them. They were all brilliant and very creative.

SwordRoll  - a mount made of smoke like you're being lifted and moved by the smoke  (traveling in Wizardly style!  I like it.)

Vijeyta Revankar  swallowed by monster and the spacebar makes you pop out on its tongue (as long as he doesn't have bad breath this would be awesome)

Keira UnicornSong  furry house cat - we have the tigers but what about a cuddly cat? (who doesn't need a cuddly cat?)

Sophia EmeraldBlossom   mount is your current highest spell (a changing pet would be awesome)

Lunar Fairy  mount might join battle (I love the idea of my mount helping me out.  Sometimes gets lazy and doesn't think to heal me so extra help would be nice)

Tabitha   bear powered wheel barrel - bear carries you in the barrel part (as long as he doesn't dump me out in the dirt, I'm game...)

Al Neuu  flying castle (Only if I get the balcony seat with a cushy chair)

Brave Alex Richmond  - monkey (who wouldn't be cheered up by a monkey? right?)

Tasha Sparkleheart - hamster wheel (if I could ever stop laughing I would probably use this one)

Dylan Sunthief  dreamy cloud (several people had this idea but Dylan was the first to suggest it)

That Guy From Down The Street  - Mammoth  (Manny or not, a mammoth seems like a bigl idea)

Rosie Zhao   Panda (Who doesn't want a panda with or without kungfu, pandas are just cute)

JamesDC  pulling a wagon with mount or pet in it (Sounds like last time we went to the parade)

Jacob Deathhorn  Teleporter bubble that envelops you and carries you around (I love high tech)

Emma Starblood   Luna Moth (A moth would be very cool)

Emily   Owl Mount (Owls are just awesome and Harry Pottery, I love it)

Llewella Life   Swan boat  (I'd for sure use this if Rowan was online)

Georgi Manolev  - Leviathin  (A good scary mount! But will it get dried out in the desert?)

Stacy Igwe  multi-seat caterpillar (It's fun to imagine this one slinking along... an inch-worm would be fun too)

Cameron  Kangaroo (I mean seriously right?  I'd hop along on a roo especially if it jumped high punched too!)

Jordan Lifecaster - floating leaf (sounds relaxing)

Alura Silverdust - poison frog (now that's a fun and colorful idea.  i'm all about jumping high so this one would be fun)

Brandon OwlSword - jumping valentine's heart (this is a super fun idea. I bet this would be popular)

Alexandria Rider - chicken  (rubber or not, don't chickens make you laugh too?)

Tavi - squirrel  (this idea is just plain cute even if you find yourself short on nuts afterward)

Thanks for all the great ideas mentioned and not mentioned.


Friday, April 26, 2013

One day left on the mount contest!

This is the last day to enter the mount contest below.  I think I'm going to sweeten the deal and give some prizes for the ideas Cody and Logan like best.

One epic idea that I like is the hamster ball mount. ROFL!  Awesome!

Check out this cool stacking heaven that Alexis Jadeheart made.  It's so high you can literally almost touch the sky.  The island looks like a speck from the very top.  I have a few more pics I'll post soon.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mount-a-Palooza contest win 1 of 20 dragons!

Join Mount-a-Palooza and join the chance to win one of 20 mounts.  If your idea is especially thoughtful or creative I might find an additional way to reward you!

If you don't see the widget below log in using Chrome, IE or Firefox with Javascript enabled.

Good luck and may you be riding in style soon!


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Monday, April 8, 2013

Dueling in test realm

So Suri and I just had to test out PVP in test realm.  We were bummed that too few people were on to test 4v4 or 3v3 but we did try 2v2 and got first cast both times.  Each time we got a team that was maybe not the most used to working with each other and we did fine even without the extra pip the other side got.

An interesting side effect was that it seemed that the other team was fully set up about the same time as we were.  We hit early which I normally don't do and both times it worked out really well.  Usually you want to prepare a fairly big hit that's hard to recover from but instead we hit early and just kept hitting.  It was a strategy that paid off in spite of the small pip advantage for second cast.

I was a little worried that a whole pip might greatly tip the balance.  While I think it doesn't give a decisive advantage to 2nd cast it makes the undeniable advantage of first a little more questionable.  If the teams we played were a bit more practiced I think the result may have been a lot different.

How are you finding PVP in test realm?

Do you like the new combat system?


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sun and Star School Trainers in Azteca

 As you battle your way through Azteca you will unlock the school trainers which allow you to add to your already impressive arsenal of spells.

Check out some of these new spells that are available from Sun and Star school trainers.

I don't know much about the Moon School as I've stayed away from most of the polymorphs.  (Primarily because they never quite seemed to use your wizard's own resist/stats while transformed)  Since they appeared useless in PVP I poo-poo'd them and haven't looked back since.

Does anyone use morphs for their serious PVP or questing wizards?  I hope that I haven't turned my back on a good thing.  Of course I've used up all my training points and still want to spend more.

I did the shield school (Valerian's School)... so I have a fair amount of spells from every school that are taking up training points.  But I also like to hit hard and shield well so I have a few bubble spells including the one for pips and the one for shielding and the one for extra tough.

I also set up for dispel of myth which was essential for all multi-v PVP players.  Then I finally went back and got death up to feint instead of the tough plus spells.  The reason I don't like those is that while they are super useful they take up loads of room in your deck.  It's hard to put together an effective PVP deck when half your deck is taken up by Gargantuan or Colossal.

From Azteca I got the new blade "sharpen" which boosts a single ice blade by 10% and immediately makes the stack-able.  (I think they need to raise the damage cap past a million now!)  And I will get the trap booster for making stack-able 10% plus traps.  I got the ice boosting dome which gives an additional 25% boost to ice spells for 4 rounds.  And I want to pick up the heal boost as well since I'm needing that more than ever now when trying to solo the new bosses.

 Here is star schools' offerings minus the Ice dome which doesn't show for me any longer since I learned it already.  The domes are good thing to have in a pinch I think.

And Sun School... (minus Sharpen which I already learned)
I think Sharpen is essential for all PVP wizards and anyone that wants to hit hard.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

PVP Change and Hair styles! Test realm is open

One of the biggest changes to hit Wizard101 is in test realm right now!  New PVP changes including a remedy for first-cast advantage! WOOT!  There are too many other great changes to name but also an interesting reset of PVP points.  But before you go casting a spell on the PVP designers... you'll get a badge for your current rank so you can prove it to people when you say... "yeah, I was a warlord once but they reset the points"  This is actually a good thing because PVP has been a little lopsided with some teams getting first cast advantage too often to be able to tell who the better wiz is.

And new hair style capability is just one of the gazillion things that were added and updated.  The list of updates is so long you have to go check it out for yourself at

But first... check out these cool do's that you can see now when you go hat-less.

See you in test realm!