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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pre Update Deals

It's been a way busy week!  Family was visiting and things have been crazy.  As usual I've been trying to get everyone I know to join Wizard.  If you've been watching the posts on the game startup screen you may have seen these tempting offers for new and existing members.  I think it's worth mentioning again in case you are on the fence.  Subscribers get some cool perks!

A special deal is available for Wizard101 membership with bonus crowns.  Auto renew memberships are more economical and will continue to renew at the sale price.  So if you've been toying with the idea of getting a membership now would be a good time.

Also of note is: the white horse, purple glider and faithful dragoness mounts are going away soon.  If you like any of these mounts you may want to grab one before they're gone.

And it seems as though the epic bundle card is still available at Gamestop (talk about a sweet deal).

See you on the game,
Valerian Nightbringer

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update News

Professor Falmea of Wizard101 sent out some more info on upcoming updates and gives an interview in the newsletter:

Some of the cool updates about to hit:

1) Faster energy refills
2) Faster crafting times
3) Bigger Friend list
4) Larger backpacks
5) New crown items
6) Easier sorting for gear
7) Gardening fixes (seems like the infinite harvest bug and changes to stop garden stacking)
In a farewell to garden stacking here is a follower submission of an awesome garden.  Since I have not yet heard back from KingIsle on whether stacking is something one can get banned for I'll keep the identity of this poster secret for now.  Check it out!

Is this cool or what?!

Valerian Nightbringer

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gardening Bans

I've have it from several sources that many people who were using the infinite harvest bug were banned from the game.  This is apparently the reason for the housing fix recently. 

Also of note is you may think you are banned if you happened to download and install IE9.  IE9 makes Wizard101 stop working on your computer, so I'd recommend waiting until a fix is available from either Wizard or Microsoft.

If you run into a bug in the game which allows you to get something of value for nothing, that should tip you off that it's wrong and if you take advantage of it and spread it around you may likely find yourself banned.

If you want to be a great wizard - enjoy the game with creativity rather than cheating!

Valerian Nightbringer

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gardening In The Wild

A creative form of gardening had taken root as you can see from these pictures.  Given the amazing things one can do with stacking it was possible to care for a lot of plants efficiently.  With an eye to detail and a ton of patience one could set up a structure of plants in mid air.  It harkens back to the hanging gardens of Babylon which was one of the original wonders of the world.  The artform known as stacking may not be able to apply to plants any more given early reports from the test realm. 
 Here are some examples of stacking that I found impressive...
 It's not Halloween but these plants are scaring me anyway.
How about an actual fire in your fireplace courtesy of stacking technique
   Ever want to to see scenery nobody has ever seen?  Stacking is for you!
If this were any cooler I'd be frozen.  This was the first sample of stacking that I saw on the game. An unbelievable achievement.  This house will go for a lot on the open market given the investment in landscaping!
Unfortunately the joy of gardening stacked plants will go away with the new update.  It was a wonderful feature with great benefits for the extra effort.  Not to mention ultra cool looking :)

If you have any pictures of gardening efforts send them to me and I will do my best to post them up.

If I get a go-ahead from our friends at KingIsle I would love to post detailed info on stacking.

Valerian Nightbringer