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Friday, May 31, 2013

Pet a Palooza has Started

Up to 50% off of all pets!

Pet-a-palooza is not only about the good ol' pets but new ones to the spiral.  You may have seen these ones swimming, wheeling and padding around the spiral... (awesome new pets that go with the new bundle cards that are available)

This guy looks like Logan's beta fish "King".  Of course Madame Duncan kinda has a different ring to it.

 Jasmine the polar bear is looking pretty chill even in the hot jungle.

Of course the hacker in me loves this pet.  The "Trojan Horse" which besides being a cool wooden horse on wheels that won the Trojan War for the good guys but it's also a term used to describe a program that is made to look good but is really bad.

Leo. go over to that door and wait until Morganthe lets you in.  Then when she's not looking I'll jump out and ...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Test Realm is Open With AMAZING New Stuff!

This is epic in my book!  I've often thought of how cool it would be to put on a concert in Wizard101 and now you can...  Check out these new playable instruments in test realm.

And, drum roll please...... (with your new drum set)........   ..........

New dueling tournament pairing and prizes!!!

 You can win rare cards, pets and mounts to name a few.  So what ware you waiting for???

(((See you in test realm.)))
If you spot me in the game ask me for a code and I'll give you a code for the blue raptor claw wand. (It's exclusive to Valerian's School only)

And last but not least enter the contest in the post below...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How does your garden grow contest

Enter the gardening contest in the widget below.  (You will have to use a Javascript compatible browser)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, May 13, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Tonight I went out and did some weeding in our garden and finished up feeling happy, itchy and dirty.  Now, if you are a virtual gardener you probably just end up feeling that sense of satisfaction without the dirt and itch...

The creators of Wizard101 wanted us to have a little motivation to get our virtual spring gardening under way... To help out they are giving 5 Red Barn Farms and 20 seed packs.

Join us tomorrow for the start of the gardening contest!

Get your green thumbs ready.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

That pretty much says it all...

Without a mom you wouldn't be here!  So they're kinda important aren't they?

My earliest memories of my mom are of her singing or telling me a story from memory.  She knew these things made me feel better when I was scared.  She was always telling stories, making something or fixing something trying to make things last because we were pretty poor.  Of course I didn't know we were poor because she took good care of us. (yep big family)  Some of my best memories are of her reading Chronicles of Narnia to my sister and I every night for at least a month.

Since my mom received her wings, I miss her more than ever.  I try to pass along the same things to my boys... I try to teach them to appreciate stories and good books too.

This weekend I was at a writing conference with about 500 other writers and authors.  I got to enter a story in the contest and I took first place this year.  I know she's proud of me for trying to get better at things that I was taught to love because of her example.  I feel very hopeful that my boys will appreciate that you can dream dreams and make them come true by hard work.  I know their mom is teaching them that by living her dream too.  I hope that whatever they do in life going forward they will take a love of writing and story telling with them into whatever job or career they end up having.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there and those that are mom's in their hearts.

There would be no great wizards without a mom so think of some nice way to give back to your mom either by showing her you love her or by honoring something she loved when she was with you.


Stay tuned for another contest coming up!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Glitch & Winners of the Bonus Part of the Mount Idea Contest


For those of you who submitted an idea that won a bonus code in the contest below...

If you don't have an email already waiting with your bonus prize code- please comment with your wizard name and email address in a comment.  I'll moderate your comment so your email address doesn't get picked up by spammers and I'll forward you your code. 

I still have 11 that haven't claimed their prize.

If the prizes are unclaimed within a week I'll have to give them away some other way.

Glitch/Hiding Spot

Check out this interesting glitch pointed out to me by Alexis Jadeheart.  I always like to explore side areas just in case there's something cool an I did notice this area when I first explored it but what I didn't realize is that it's see-through from one side and not from the other. Too bad you can't jump out and surprise a bad guy.

In this picture I'm inside the leafy area looking out.  Kind of like a 2 way mirror but a 2 way mirror made of leaves and vines. (I know that doesn't make sense to me either)
 This is me inside of the hiding spot with the camera angle zoomed around behind me so I can see what someone else would see.  You can see a bit of my dragon's wing sticking out.
 Here's me inside of the hiding spot again but this time the camera angle is rotated so you can see the very edge of the texture and my dragon's wing behind it.

Yep, you guessed it... it's in Azteca.  If you know where this spot is tell me and I'll give the first three people to comment with the right answer an exclusive to Valerian's School wand that you can't get anywhere else in the game on or off the game...

Happy hunting!