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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Contest Pics!

This reminds me of my Vale card... I like it!

That looks like a magical broom back there behind the tree...

 A neon wizard (high tech)

 I can't find Waldo but I found some cute pets

 A Christmas Angel with the halo of awesomeness or is that sweetness?

 You can never have enough Chibis

 I wish I had a portrait of my ice like this... I have that same outfit somewhere...

I feel like I'm stuck in the world of the snow men here too!

Ice wizards are fierce! And to prove my point...

 An ice dragon... this is a spell I need badly!

A death wiz girl with winter colors... swoon

Those snowmen look like they're waiting for presents I think

 Thematic, contemplative - I sense a book deal in your future

 Those Christmas trees can be mean.  You have to keep them in check with penguins sometimes...

 Santa in his warm weather mode (shorts and cape)

Nutcrackers are boss 

Opening presents with magic... I like the idea

 That looks like my Wiz house

(Sorry I didn't get to turn this one) That snowman looks like he's working from the Elf school of snowball throwing...

 I need a piggle to complete my decorating.  Where can I get one IRL?

 Nice collage of ice themed pets.  I tell ya, that ice dragon would be the killer spell.

 A fire chibi all ready to help Santa 

I need some nutcrackers and a new decorator who can set up my Christmas lights in Wizard

 The Vanessa IceRiver anime show... 

That's not an Elf on the Shelf, that's Elves out of control! And I don't know how much I'd trust a gobbler-Santa.  He might give the Grinch some competition.

 That one snowman looks familar. Love the skating llama

Thanks so much for all the entries and thanks for those who submitted entries.  I think I only had one that was too pixelated to show up.  You all have so much talent I am in awe.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Closing the Drawing Contest

Due to some unexpected fun over the holiday I left the contest open a couple days longer than anticipated BUT I'm looking forward to checking out everyone's drawings.  I hope you had fun making them.

It will probably take me until new years to get all the entries tallied, pictures posted and send out codes.

I hope you had a great Christmas if you celebrate it.  I totally had an awesome one.  I enjoy getting gifts that I need instead of things I just want. (wow I'm turning into my dad)

I got some clothes that were much appreciated and chocolate (essential) and I got a small biometric safe made by a local crowd-funded company. It opens with my finger print which is really awesome.  I feel like James Bond now with a secret agent gizmo.

I'll be posting shortly about my adventures in Khrysalis.  Things have been interesting there.  With me logging in late most of my buds are offline and the boss battles have been patience testing at best and frustrating for the most part.  I'm wishing I had my storm wiz leveled even though my ice hits pretty hard for an ice wiz he's still getting pummeled. So I've had to resort to some interesting strategies to get through.

See you in the spiral...


Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Drawing Contest

We're well in to December now and I am home sick so I might as well post the December contest!
Well, you know I like picture contests so as you might guess I think December is a good month for pictures. These won't be just any pictures but hand-drawn OR composed on the computer or tablet.  So draw your best December or Christmas related drawing or composition and email it to me.

Here are the possible prizes thanks to KingsIsle...
10 potential codes to win for a random amount of Crowns.
10 codes for furniture unique to Valerian's School blog.  These are the space age-y furniture set 2 from Celestia.

Since it will be too hard to judge age categories I'll award the awards randomly. When you email me your picture do it with your Wizard's name and of course whatever drawings you are attaching.

I'll close the contest around the 28th of December depending on what our plans end up being.  We got an invite from Sierra to go to California for Christmas!  Cali sounds awfully good given how incredibly cold it is here now.  It's like record breaking COLD!  I don't know if we can go because it might be too dangerous to drive with the icy roads but we'll see what happens.  If we go I'll have to write about it.

(me looking at the road to California... "hmm, some ice and an angry frost giant")


Friday, November 15, 2013

Khrysalis is out!

Yep this morning the new world was released.  Check it out.

If you're level 90 you'll be happy otherwise you'll be questing like mad to get there.  I'll be doing both... catching up on my death wiz and questing the new world with my ice.

See you online


p.s. I'm still sending out wand codes as fast as I can without getting my email address shut down.  So watch your mail box over the next few days before you email me.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Minor update coming

I'm going to be mailing out some more Blue Raptor Claw codes from the last contest after my email gets unblocked.  I hit the limit again tonight so I think I need to tweak my program a little and send out only 70 per night.

Also, I'll be adding what I think is the last Khrycket for the Zeke quest thanks to Suri!

Then come back for some more awesome content.  Suri and Duncan and Kestrel have been scouring the new world to bring news.

;) night!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Contest Pictures

Here are the awesome pictures that I was able to retrieve from my email.  I am extremely impressed with all of them.  I may have to find some codes to give out for these since art always makes me happy.

I love hand drawn pictures:   This one comes from Sierra Dragonshield.  I think she captures the essence of the Wraith owning the pumpkin scare-crow with a wild bolt if I'm not mistaken.  *shivers* that brings back bad memories of arena a few years back when I was a Bolt magnet.

Ashley Stalker created this awesome pic with paint tool SAI.  Why do I love Anime style so much? IDK but I do...

This spooky scene comes from Karic Stormflame.

This compo comes from David Silverhunter who does a cool mix of Alice-in-Wonderlandish flare but with an undercurrent of pure evil.  I love it.

This book-cover ready composition comes from Samantha NightTail who is from Russia? (If I read my domain post-fixes properly)  There's no way to know if you're quite safe or not if she knocked on your door Halloween night.  I'd probably be more scared of the cat.  I think he's not declawed!

This one from Michael WildFlame frames a great scene with some a little urban graffiti frame.  I still struggle with transparencies sometimes so cudos for the good work.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Extra Life

My buddy at work Jade participates in a charity called Extra Life ( ).  It's a game-a-thon to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network.  He has a bunch of people that get together and play.  Of course he invited me and I had good intentions and wanted to join the game-a-thon and use the 25 hours of game play to get my death wiz leveled to 90 or as far as I could get him.  But something work-related happened (big changes!!) and I suddenly find myself with a billion percent more responsibility and of course things happening today.

So I wanted to post in solidarity with my gamer buddies and wish I was there getting bleery-eyed and leveling up for the kids.  I wish I was there playing Wizard101.

If you want to follow them or donate please check them out.
enter the name: Jade Weedop and then click Donate Now and follow the steps.

Game and contribute to charity at the same time!  What's not to like?


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Housekeeping

So I was doing some spooky spell casting tonight with shadow spells in between giving out candy.  We had a lot of trick-or-treaters this year and we ran out of candy! *shocked face* :O

At work today I was a ninja.  Yes, they encourage us to dress up and last year I was lame so this year I did and it was fun.  There were some amazing costumes including a Halo guy who looked totally real and a sheep and some "minions" from Despicable Me and a sheep (don't laugh... she won the contest) and a guy wearing pajamas and hugging on to a Spider Man doll.  There are some other crazy ones like a dragon-rider and a punk rocker. I think the guy that was the punk rocker was just going back to his high-school persona.

And yes I totally embarrassed myself and did a nunchuck routine which was really kinda lame because I was using 'chucks made from 15 sheets of rolled paper per side and some cord.  They were a last minute hack but they mostly worked.

So anyway, back to the shadow spells...  here are the ones I'm talking about.  They use shadow pips (black pips) even though they say they take 0 pips I guess they require a black pip to be present which sometimes can take a long time.  So here are the bad-boys...

Now shadow magic has a price.  Use these spells only if you are willing to pay the price!  You will notice a new shadow spell tab in your spell book when you get these.  They can be added to your deck like regular cards but used only with shadow pips so good luck keeping these in your hand during a duel.  

They allow you to create a positive affect but with a bad effect which gradually wears off over 3 turns.

There are some subtleties about these spells that require an explanation which I'll detail in future posts.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Khrycket Locations win Wizard101's Khysalis World

Where do you find the khryckets in Khrysalis?  If you're the kind who needs help (like me) watch for the arrow on the following maps.  Duncan and Suri were kind enough to blaze their way through Khrysalis and find these for you.

Bastion:  Khrycket is located inside building off in a side room.

MoonCliffs Khrycket: is under the tree.

SilentMarket: Khrycket is inside WarRoom Building.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

King Artorius Level 90 Spells

Suri Spiritcaller contributed this cap set of the King Artorius spell for the different schools.  One of these day's I'd love to see a high powered Ice spell or some Ice gear that has decent shielding again... lately any gear that gives me a decent hit also seems to leave me with very little shielding.

But without further ado, let's get to the spells details..

Thanks Duelist101 this is a great video.....

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Test Realm Online with Khrysalis

For those of you that don't have test realm you can go here: and  read the terms and log in to get test realm.  If you have the test realm program already you can simply log in and it will auto-update.

A new world is out called Khrysalis

See you online!

Here are some pics from the quests and new world.  Don't forget you need to be level 90 to start this new world and you can level up from there.  The XP is given away fairly easily at first anyway and I gained half a bar just from a few quests.

New ice spell animation
(spell is available without a defeat quest... just talk to King Arthur)
 Of course his spell features him and excalibur... (it seems to be the same spell for all schools but likely different damage)  The ice one does over 700 damage with some shield breaking and gives you a pip afterward.

To start the new world quests and the quest for the new spell talk to Merle Ambrose first as usual.
 Your school teacher will have you go to the school hall to get to the in-between realm to forge a new spiral key.

 Here is the Myth forge for creating the spiral key.
 You'll have to talk to the ghostly images of several quest leaders and heroes of the past.

Your first quest is to fight some trees with 3500 health.  Only 2 join so it's not too bad.

 This sounds serious!  Time to bring in the epic wizards!

Trickery... I like the sound of that (hacker here :)

Woot!  It shows up on the world tree now that I made my VERY OWN key for the spiral!

Ew!  Here's one of the creepy bugs you will encounter... I hope you're not squeemish about creepy crawlies!
 Spiders... why does it always have to be spiders!

So put on your big wizard boots... you'll need them.  The bosses here are tough and you'll not be able to solo them without some luck involved, or should I say when luck is against you... I pulled about 20 cards without a single one of my vast number of shields and despite my healing and hitting really hard I was down to 96 health before I knew what happened.  I think next time I'll load in even more shields and put on my healing pet rather than my hitting pet.  Anyway. I'd be interested to hear what your experiences are with the new world!

Leave some comments on what you've seen and what your experiences are...
(and don't forget to enter the contest while there is still time)

See you in the spiral ~ Vale