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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Polaris questing Night 2

I got on late the other day (about 10pm) and hung out at the cannon game in Pixie realm and some not-so-strange strangers showed up to quest...  Suri (Mamzelle) and Duncan. They had a super fast run of Polaris and finished earlier that day!

They joined me for some fun questy goodness and here's a little video clip from our adventure.


If anybody wants to quest Polaris with me just show up at the cannon game in Pixie realm whenever and if I'm there we'll have a questing party and I'll take a video cap for the blog.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Join me in Polaris

Polaris is live and I'm getting on late and don't have anyone to quest with tonight.

Help a poor Vale out!

Watch for me in the Pixie realm by the cannon game.  If you find me there in the late evening I'll be looking for a questing party.

I'll post a video of some battle or fun that we have if there is a questing party.

See you there!
Valerian Nightbringer

Here's me graduating finally! YAY!

But the questing isn't done...


A cool fishing village.

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Polarian Bundle House (Video tour)

The Polarian Bundle house is one of my favorites of all time. Part of it is a good amount of tricky areas for making the hide and seek games fun. Part of why I like it is the comfort factor and part of it is hidden areas!  Of which there are a few.  Every house needs a secret passageway or two or three!

Anyway, this is a fun place with ice on a lot of areas including part of the house.  The ice makes your mount/whale/skates fun by making them about twice as fast on the icy parts.

Ok. here is a video of the grounds and house and a guy that's camping out under your house giving out pet snacks and what not.  A bit weird I agree, but at least he gives you something... Check it out.

(The videos are in the approval process but should be released shortly.  If they don't render within a minute then come back in a few hours and they should be live...)

Then a secret tunnel and secret blind wall exit.

Last but not least the secret ice fishing cave.

This bundle has some cool items that are just plain enjoyable. For example, I like that when you jump while mounted on the whale that it turns over and your character partly falls off and gets back on. Of course I love that your mount can give you extra tough albeit a very small amount. That's awesome! And I love the touch of the ice and the fact that it feels kind of slippery.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Polarian Bundle Awesomeness

Wizard101 provided a Polarian bundle to check out and test.  Here are the results...

Overall you'll enjoy the look. It's very wintry (good timing for the snow we just got here). Another fun thing about the bundle is the mount which has a special secret you can see in way way below. The mount is a must-have for questing wizards.  The bundle is so awesome you may hallucinate that you saw a multi-colored bunny. Or did I really see that?

Anyway, you'll find that the bundle has decent shielding and good shadow pip setup. It's a good outfit for multi-school spell casters as you'll get much needed general accuracy. (more details below)

I'll post more about the castle which anyone who has a bit-o-sea in the blood will LOVE!!!


P.S.  Check out the video way way at the end of this post... I had a weird digital barf that ended in my pet being able to run around the cannon game target area. I fly my owl around the entire area and check out what's way at the back and the little tower thing. Scroll all the way down... it's worth it for the curious wizard.

This whale just looks boss!

Narwhal, narwhal living in the ocean... causing a commotion because they are so awesome!

...Narwhal GIVES 2% extra tough!

Gear and pet posing for the paparazzi

Here's the full gear

The level 100 wand has a good crit rating! And additional generic accuracy is much appreciated for us double-schoolers.

The level 100 coat has a decent block amount and good shadow pips. Of course the generic accuracy is nice for double-school setup.  The 100 level boots have much appreciated shield break and good shielding and shadow pips too.

The hat... check out the shadow pips at level 100 and a relatively good 16% block.

Here are the wand selections for different levels.

The level 11

 Level 12 wand

Check this out! Through some kind of bug my pet is free to fly around the whole cannon game village! I'm always curious to see what I can see. If you follow my owl you get to find where the real boundaries of this area are.