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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Polarian Bundle House (Video tour)

The Polarian Bundle house is one of my favorites of all time. Part of it is a good amount of tricky areas for making the hide and seek games fun. Part of why I like it is the comfort factor and part of it is hidden areas!  Of which there are a few.  Every house needs a secret passageway or two or three!

Anyway, this is a fun place with ice on a lot of areas including part of the house.  The ice makes your mount/whale/skates fun by making them about twice as fast on the icy parts.

Ok. here is a video of the grounds and house and a guy that's camping out under your house giving out pet snacks and what not.  A bit weird I agree, but at least he gives you something... Check it out.

(The videos are in the approval process but should be released shortly.  If they don't render within a minute then come back in a few hours and they should be live...)

Then a secret tunnel and secret blind wall exit.

Last but not least the secret ice fishing cave.

This bundle has some cool items that are just plain enjoyable. For example, I like that when you jump while mounted on the whale that it turns over and your character partly falls off and gets back on. Of course I love that your mount can give you extra tough albeit a very small amount. That's awesome! And I love the touch of the ice and the fact that it feels kind of slippery.

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