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Monday, January 20, 2014

Khrysalis Blues

Working on Khrysalis I've come to know this view really well - after some boss and minions crit me and I fizzle. (yep the fizzle seems to be ramping up so does that mean we're getting a new rank beyond 95 soon?)

Every now and then this happens when the stars align just right.

But this seems to be the norm... me with snowball pips in spite of my high pip chance taking big critical hits while trying to stay alive long enough to hit.

The main lessons I'm learning is to once again take great care to prep gear before a fight down to the ring etc.  I realized after this battle that I had a perfect ring with ice resist etc and gear that would have made the battle simple even if it would have made my hits weak.  My spritely pet would have been the better choice to keep me in the game.  Also prep your cards for each street battle and especially carefully for boss battles... setting up with the right shields and of course some heals.

But while you have to solo from time to time, everything is better with friends so keep them close by and have enjoy snowball-pipping and fizzling while they make fun of you and help ease the burden.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Mamzell shows how to do stack gardening the epic way

(¸.°*”˜´¯).╟╢║║O (¸.°*”˜´¯)
Mamzell here to talk about stack gardening
I know most people have gardens and I just thought it would be nice to share information so we can compare notes ;-)  I learned most of what I know from Kestrel aka Morgan who helped me get started in stack gardening…..
I do have multiple gardens and each is set up just a little different depending on what I am growing.  For the most part I garden for pet snacks.  That was my reason to start gardening in the beginning.  But I have learned along the way that it gives me other benefits also.   I like the point that most plants give reagents that I use for crafting too.  I’ll cover that in another post  ;-)

I use crates to stack my soil. This picture has crates in the general set up to help show you how.

This picture is one of my largest gardens.  It is used for prickly bears or king parsley depending on my needs when I plant.  This set up can grow 137 plants all at one time.

How you ask?  Well if I plant one kind of seed then my mana needs are low because they all have the same needs…..

By aiming my spell at the center it covers all plants at the same time…..

In this picture you can see the drum I have placed in the center of my rows.  I use that drum to aim my spells at to cast and cover all plants.   You can get the drum from Otto in Celestia base camp it is called Djembe drum and it costs 920 in gold.

I place all my plant like items on top of my garden.  This keeps them out of my way when I need to harvest but close enough that all plants receive the like factor.

This garden is shaped different because I use it for Couch Potatoes which require a larger soil than my Prickly Bears or King Parsleys.  
So now you have an idea on how I garden.  The only advice I can offer is keep plants inside the spell radius and never go more than 4 levels high.   I guess your garden will depend mostly on how much mana you have available because that is how I decide to set mine up.
Happy Gardening and a heartfelt thanks to KingsIsle for allowing us to garden for pet snacks.  I think they rock ;-)
This makes me want to garden again! Thanks Mamzell, YOU rock!