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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jewels Gems Socket Wrenches and Powering up Your Wizard

Are you into "bedazzling?" If you believe the AT&T commercial that was "so last year"... but it's "so this year" in Wizard City!  Check your backpack periodically for gems just in case you have one you can embed in one of your gear items.  It's worth it to boost your stats when every little bit helps in questing.

I've had a whopping 2 gems drop in combat so far  +11 crit and +60 mana both of them were in Cloud Burst Forrest in Azteca.  One was in   No socket wrenches have dropped for me yet.  What kinds of gems have you had drop for you and where?

The cool thing with bedazzling your gear is that you can take a so-so item like a so-so athame and boost it like crazy even more than one of the "better" ones.  Because adding gems is a semi permanent thing you want to choose carefully so you don't waste a good gem on a lesser item if you can win one a bit better for your level that can accept gems.

But if you do happen on a great item you can super power it with lesser gems and just break them when you find better ones to replace them with.

Have fun!

Please share some good gem farming locations in the comments.