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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valerian's School Super Bundle Contest

Valerian's School contest starting today!

Thanks to the kind folks at Wizard101 for pumping this contest.  They have upgraded my lame codes all the way to the seriously awesome. 
We are giving away Super Bundle Gift Card codes!  I have this particular set and I have to say it's one of my favorite.  I especially like the "King Kong" house. (that's what I call it)

Since the initial Raffle Copter contest was kinda wonky on my first try, and maybe too hard for younger members to enter, I'm going to merge the existing entries from last contest with this contest since Wizard101 was kind enough to supply extra codes and infinitely better than the lame codes I had to give.  I will be sure to include the effort points in the first Raffle-Copter contest in the entries for this new one!

The contest will have two tracks: PURE RANDOM (6 potential codes to win)  PURE POINTS available only to those who enter through Raffle Copter widget.  No single person will be able to win more than once.

(click below to join the contest)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Foo Dog Shuffle

I kept buying Kieran Horde packs until I magically got a "Foo Dog".  Surprisingly it didn't take a thousand packs like it normally would for me.

I got the Blue and White dog who is supposed to be an arena type pup.  I trained him in test realm and he got a selfish trait, a spell and ice tough.  I still need to finish his training.

(this is not the actual foo dog but an artists rendering using imaginary creative license)
Actually this is my little pup "little rock" who came airmail from a Wiz friend :)

Do any of you have a killer Foo dog?  And what talents did you get in yours?


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Test Realm is OUT!! Here are some details

A lot is changing including interactive games of tag you can play at your house!  Including power ups and different types of tag games.  Also changing is lost pips if a combatant dies before you cast.  The oft used escape and return trick has been deep sixed :(  Not that I have used that much in the past but I admit I did use it in Zafaria a couple times.  Insane bolt is now outlawed in pvp.  (Who didn't see that coming?)  And lots of other cool adjustments to combat.
Check out more at:
If you aren't yet a wiz member, join here at this link:
And if you're dying to put in your 2 cents on the test realm you can do that here:

See you on test realm!
Don't forget to buy some mega snack packs in test realm and train your pets while you're there to see what cool skills they get so you can spend real crowns in the actual game only on the good pets and not the duds.
~ Vale

Monday, February 13, 2012

The code contest is still going!

If you haven't already entered go here: and enter!

I'm starting to think lame prizes aren't quite good enough for our readers so I'm thinking I might make the 10 main code prizes slightly more than lame. Still trying to figure out what they might be...

*** For those that have entered the contest - prizes are given out after the contest closes next week. So if you have entered your name will go in for a prize.  ***

It will be Valentines day in just a couple hours.  Don't forget your sweetheart!  Guys, some sage advice... flowers before chocolate, and if you get chocolate DO NOT get the heart box mix ones... get some Nestle milk chocolates or some other good brand of NORMAL chocolate. And cards are less important than a personal note FYI. And of course if your sweetheart is on the game a little wiz gift through the crown shop may go a long way :)

p.s. Don't forget about the contest at the link above...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Card pack sale ends tonight

The super sale on card packs ends tonight. So if you have extra crowns and are still hoping for a Foo Dog or one of the cool new wands, mounts or gear items, you may want to buy a pack while they're cheap.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We are overdue for giving out some codes

I want to try a new contest system and I have some admittedly lame prizes to give out until I figure out how it all works...

Please help me figure out how it works and enter this contest for one of 10 codes.  I have a million codes saved up from various wiz games and want to give them out regularly.  So I'll be trying to find various gizmos or means of giving the codes away.

Here goes:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Call to Writing Wizards

If you are both a Wizard and a writer (even a wanna-be writer) check out this free writer's conference hosted by our very own Rowan Watertamer.
Author: Mark Peter Huges is LIVE right now on

There are many other awesome classes you can sign into through the day hosted by writing ninjas that can help you with anything from spit and polish on your novel to how to self publish to how to create your own press company and just generally how to become a writing ninja. 

Go to scroll down and read the bios and class info join any time during the schedule.  Once the event is live you will see it (or hear it) streaming in the Cover-it-live window.

I'll be there!
Check it out

Pack-a-Palooza hits Wizard!

What did I tell you about buying up some crowns when they're on sale?  (you have to know Wiz is about to release something killer just after the sale ends!)

There is an awesome new card pack out just in time for the next Wizard celebration "Pack-a-Palooza"! 

Check out this link for a free item. Pack a Palooza link

See you on the game!