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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where are the UFOs in Wizard101 Azteca?

Have you been having as hard a time as I have finding the locations of the UFOs in Wizard101 Azteca?  Here are the ones I have pictures for.  I'm working on getting pics of the rest.

The arrow on the map shows where my Wiz is and where possible I try to get a shot of the UFO in the picture.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming February contest where you can win some epic things.





Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grub Guardian Ideas

I've finished all the free levels on Grub Guardian!  It took me a bit to figure it out but it's sure a fun distraction when I have time.
Levels after Celestia are locked and you have to unlock them with crowns which would be fine IF I had any!  I usually spend them all on mega-snacks and the new wands.
 I found the Survey Camp challenging but overcame it with an interesting mix of help (above)

Hero Camp was pretty challenging too but a solid mix of myth was enough to nuke my way through it.

Upgrades to Medusa helped a lot!

 Ravenscar was a bear and took me a lot of experimentation to get through.  I tried all death which was really effective... just not fast enough for the later rounds.

I tried all myth, myth and death, myth and storm, storm and death, myth death and storm (you get the idea) but none of it really worked until I added about a billion storm guys and upgraded them as quickly as my fingers would tap.  Then I threw in some death guys for good measure because they get criticals now and then which take out bad guys pretty well.  But it seems like the splash damage from storm was the only thing that saved my bacon. ( a subtle reference to my ninja pig pet there)

Success!  Let me know if you've beat this level and how you did it.  What score did you get?  What mixture of guardians?

I'm totally stoked because I just crafted my Avalon level gear.  I had been packing the recipes around for a while and didn't even realize that I had them pretty much done.  I just needed a quick trip to Celestia to pick up the "Perfect Peridot" and "Perfect Saphire" and now I have crazy good defense against storm and fire.  If you are going to arena you really need your crafted gear.

Have fun!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some emails arriving... more to go out!

I sent some lucky winners emails and will be sending many many more over the next day so don't stress if you didn't get an email yet!

I can't wait!!!


P.S.  Ever notice on grub guardian that if you put lots of death guys around (even level 1 guys) that they will often randomly kill off even huge bad guys with lots of health that try to steal your pet's food?  I noticed that on the Floating Land level.  It was the only way I could kill off the big kraken guys.  I put about 20 of those level 1 death guys around and leveled one of them to a scarecrow and had a storm guy leveled to Storm Lord and a myth leveled to Medusa and two ice guys to slow them all down.  It worked great!  I've tried pretty much every other combination all ending in epic fails.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Contest winners have been picked

The picture submissions have been judged and prizes will be emailed out tomorrow!

Thank you all so much for your awesome pictures. I'm totally in awe of the talent you have for drawing and awesome picture taking.  We love pictures that really tell a story and there were some really good ones.

I would love to get you guys to draw for a site redesign.   Hmmm, that gives me a contest idea...

Thanks again for your patience and I'll be showering you in prizes tomorrow evening!

In the mean time enjoy some pictures courtesy of our contestants.


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