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Thursday, July 1, 2010

'Hi and mega pip!

Hi i'm cody skyrider. I'm vale's son. I'm here to help out with the blog! I've got some awesome iddeas i hope to share. I also will be helping with breaking news and whats hot now. Here's my first idea i'm going to share.
Mega pip.
Vale was telling me about an article in "massively" saying they might decrease spell damage and pip cost because our pip circle can only fit seven pips max.

An extremely easy way to deal with this is ... MEGA PIP! This pip is like a power pip except it gives 4 pips intead of 2. This pip would be colored red. That way no new suckier spells just a small change. And when we get to level 70-100 Super and supreme pip will do it.

Super is green pip that gives 6 and supreme gives 8 and is colored purple.
How do you like it?


AW said...

I don't think KI will implement it. I had thought of a "Low Pip" that is change. E.g. you have a Rank 5 spell but you cast it with 3 power pips. You get a "Low pip," a pip that counts as one pip for your school as "change"

Vale said...

Great idea Adi. That would be a welcome change. That would help them keep the pip board the same and give us a boost.

I'd also love to see them give grand masters the ability to start casting other school spells one by one using power pips as if they were school spells.

Anonymous said...

How many pips do you need? Cast a spell and end the fight, already.