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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Login Issues and Housing Items Lost

Loss of Housing Items
If you have lost housing items due to a thief, you need to contact KingIsle through the web site.  They will check to determine if you are reporting the loss accurately and have been working with the individuals to compensate for the issue. I'm not sure if they can replace the items in all cases but I'm sure they will find a way to make it right.

Regarding Login Problems
To the Wizard101 Community:
As many of you are aware, we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the Wizard101 game service. As we work through these issues, we are temporarily limiting the number of players who can log into the game at one time. We’ve made this change due to the large number of players trying to log in simultaneously, which has led to noticeable delays when connecting to the game.
We will allow more and more players into the world as the issues are resolved. Login priority will be given first to paying customers, followed by our free player community. Also note that this delay is being caused on initial login only; there are no delays once you have entered the game, and subsequent attempts to connect should be noticeably faster.
Thank you for being patient as we work through these issues. We understand that this is an inconvenience, and we are doing everything we can to address it as quickly as possible.
J Todd Coleman


M.W.S said...

Cool, check out W101 Central's MB Warehouse Guide:

Unknown said...

Ugh wizard101 sure takes their time, i have to walk from mooshu then dragonsypre cause my mount still isnt back in my account. every quests takes double the time it did with a mount...