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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PVP Changes

If you've been in PVP lately you may have seen the zombie bug is back.  Sometimes if you die you may spontaneously come back in a turn or two with pips :)

Double shields can now be broken with a single wand strike.  I'll test this more tonight and post a more specific guide to how, and maybe if we're lucky, why.

Beguile backfires on first cast if the other team doesn't hit within the half turn.  The beguile will then return the cast to the other team.  On second cast Beguile works for 2 full passes but seems to sometimes gives the turn to the other team including on the last pass when they are supposedly beguiled but can hit you.  What's more, it seems as though a mistaken double beguile immediately unbeguiles the person you're trying to beguile (so they can hit you in that turn) AND returns the cast to the other team again.

Let me know if you've noticed any new things.

Valerian Nightbringer

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