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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Housing fix & Response to a comment

First the response to the comment.  How did I make the card with my wizard on it?
Here's the short answer.
1) I took a screen shot of the card selected
2) I took a screen shot of me at my house
3) I cut out the card and pasted it into a new picture
4) I cut out my wizard and pasted him onto a see through background.
5) I re sized the image down to the size I wanted and pasted him onto the card
6) I cut a small piece of card background and pasted it over and over again until it covered the words on spell card
7) I picked a font that looked close to the original one and typed in my name on the card
8) Then saved it in web friendly format (.gif or .jpg)

Housing Fix
You may have noticed a housing fix lately.  What was happening was some criminal elements were porting to a friend and stealing their housing items.  This has been addressed perhaps in part due to a high profile case with one of my good buddies Ryan.

Here are some pictures of her house below taken fromt the pathway she built through the cliff face and going all the way to the back of the life house up to where Oakheart is.

Ryan had built an awesome pathway all the way around her home and had crafted every in game item for decorating including the carousel etc.  A friends friend ported and took everything, all the statues, all the crafted items and decorations. 

I'm really pleased that KingIsle was quick to address this problem and are replacing or providing compensation for the missing items. 

I am impressed with the updates KingIsle has made and their efforts to listen to our readers and provide some thoughtful much-needed fixes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I had the same fate as your friend. Do you know if KI will be able to get every victim's house back to normal or compensation? I've started panicking about my huge loss of pets lately I: