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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My PVP Death Deck

Woot to Cody Skyrider on his T-Shirt Design win of 1000 crowns for honorable mention!

PVP Death Deck Setup
Heather Deathbringer asked me what my death deck looked like for PVP.  I have a decent setup which has worked well enough for me to get to "Overlord" status in the Warlord rank on my death wizard.  So I'm going to do something unprecedented and post my deck pictures.  What if you can beat me because you know what cards I use?  Since so much of pvp is up to the luck of the draw I'd like to test that theory.  Does knowing someone's cards make you more worried and cautious or less worried and better prepared?

Be sure to set up your treasures how you like them.  Also be mindful that this does not show the sideboard.

So without further ado, I'll do the unthinkable and publish my deck for all to see.

2v2 3v3


And last but not least, here is my street fighting deck for questing and towers.

:D  questions or comments?


AW said...

For street fights, how can you survive with such a small deck and no reshuffle?

Vale said...

Since I heal with Scarecrow, I try to be sure to get both blades on before I hit. I also have a couple wraith with my boots and pet spells. Overall I almost never end a street battle without full health.

Anonymous said...

What do you usually do with these spells? I've tried fighting a balance warlord and I did horrible.. any advice?

Jayradinc said...

I was thinking of why you had beguile for 1v1, but then i realized it was for minions if the opponent summoned one. Nice use of that, dude.