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Monday, March 18, 2013

Amazing House Stacking

***Before I get started be sure to enter the contest (two posts below this) and win some awesome stuff!***

I had a chance to visit a friend of a friend's home where he's done amazing work to make his houses more than just ordinary.  This first house was made to simulate heaven.

I could try to describe it but it's probably best to just show it.  Here we go...  the stairway to heaven.

The first level of heaven.  If you look closely you might notice golden apples (hmm) and angels flying around the tree.

 Here is the second level of heaven... again with angels and cherry blossoms.
The 3rd level has a harp and grand piano and a single rose. (time to swoon ladies!)
P.S.  This is David DreamBringer's house

 Here's another home David built.  I've never even seen this one before!

 A neat little escape behind the trees

Standing on the edge of infinity

A really neat way to float items on the water.  Who doesn't want a grand piano floating in a reflecting pool?

 My friends opining about how epic it would be if all objects could be stacked.

He built a nexus of portals that go to each house from one location.

 He also placed a portal inside a fountain with plants around it!  Now that's epic!  Totally hidden until you're in it an poof!

Be sure to enter the contest in the post that's two posts down from this one.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rowan's new book is out!

If you go to the link you can check out the eBook and read the first chapter etc.  This book is for all age groups but mostly middle-grade range.  Enjoy!

Check out this month's Wizard101 contest in the post below and enter to win the Pot-o-Gold contest!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pot-o-Gold Contest

The pot of Gold contest starts tonight! 

Our winners for the friendship festival are enjoying their mounts right now but this contest gives something totally unique...

Each code will grant the following items:
• Gold Kirin Mount (Permanent)
• Gold Wyvern Mount (Permanent)
• Gold Pieces (50000)
• Crowns (5000)
• Sun Palace House
• Hatching Elixir
• Additional Castle Elixir
• Major Gold Elixir

plus one of the following four pets (at random)
• Death Leprechaun
• Myth Leprechaun
• Leprechaun
• Lucky Leprechaun

a Rafflecopter giveaway