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Thursday, July 30, 2015

We'll miss Rocky's mom, Miss Pheobe - a true Wizard101 pet

So some of you that have read this blog for a long time might remember that I have a little Yorkie pup named Rockwell Valerian NightSong. (I know! Great name! Right?) How he came to live with us was an amazing story. He was a life changing gift from a Wizard101 friend Amber Song aka Suri aka Ma'mzell one of our blog contributors and my long time Wizard friend.

Her "Teacup" Yorkie named Miss Phoebe mixed with another Yorkie and created a rather big bundle of energy in the form of a high-pedigree puppy. Rocky, as we call him, is probably half again as big as a normal teacup. He is the most snuggly creature on the planet and when his hair is cut right he looks just like a Teddy bear. He needed a home and litter mates (the twins) to play with and give him an active life.

When he was still a young pup one of Suri's friends was flying out this way on a trip and brought him to us and we have treasured him from that very first moment that we got to hold him. He helps Rowan write by snuggling her while she writes and if someone in the family is taking a nap, or feels sick, he lends his support by snoring right along side of them.

But as all wonderful stories about dogs and the people that love them, there is always the fact that they don't live as long as we do. While their lives are short, they pack a lot of love and caring into a short time and leave us feeling like we've lost a part of our hearts when they pass on. As it was, this July, Rocky's mom passed away, leveling up to Exalted pet status, While Miss Phoebe was very old in dog years, her lifespan was too short for the love and sweetness she brought into the lives of those that knew her.

She was a sweet-heart and by the stories Suri told she was very smart and communicative even being able to ask for things she wanted with a bark and demonstrating what she wanted. She knew people's names and had the ability to go to specific people by name. By contrast, Rocky only knows one name "mom" and to him that's the only person he is certain to want to please.

There are lots of stories about how smart Miss Phoebe was. She was patient but sometimes wanted to be walked in the middle of a quest or a duel. None of us ever minded letting Suri tend to her needs even though it meant that we had to wait sometimes in the middle of battles. It was the least we could do for a pup that looked out for, protected, and gave her mom so much love in return.

Below is the last picture of Miss Pheobe... looking appropriately spoiled and loved.

This is a picture of her proud little "big" pup Rocky who carries on the magic that is "being a Yorkie."

I hope Wizard101 can eventually create a Yorkie pet. I think if it were possible the first one should be named Miss Pheobe. 

Not only are Yorkies loyal, intelligent, fun and fluffy, they are attentive, caring, and want more than anything to make you happy. Their super-powers are tenacity and just plain irresistible cuteness... But don't let the cuteness fool you!  They are up for any quest no matter how big!

We'll miss you Miss Phoebe! We are also sending well-wishes and our love to Suri who misses her very much.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Grand Tourney Bundle

Back from a vacation to the mountains of Colorado! It was fun to get away mostly from tech but I missed a chance to post early about the awesome Grand Tourney Bundle!

The Grand Tourney Bundle is now available in Walmart!

The gear from the Grand Tourney Bundle is something I've looked forward to for a long time!  Who doesn't like jousting armor, lances, and Destriers? (aka a Jousting horse)

Check out some of the cool things the Grand Tourney Bundle has...

The Grand Tourney Arena which is a 6 round challenge for a single Wiz or multiple if you want to have friends over.

The classic Destrier...

Take them to the dye shop for a splash of color

Check out how high they can jump!

Don't forget this part of the bundle... your very own squirrel pet especially handy it seems for Myth Wizards.

The perfect accessory for Monte-Pythonesqe knights.

Right away this gives you a bit of shielding against Storm which is something every wiz can use... especially in pvp.  We'll keep an eye on how this squirrel grows and let you know what kind of skills he gets.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shark Week Contest Is Closed

We've gathered up all the emails and are started the digital sharks crunching on the results.


I'll email, then post the winners soon!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shark Week Prize Giveaway

Shark week seems to be going crazy this year both in real life and on TV.  Sharks have been in the news a lot it seems but you can enjoy a brush with Sharks by fishing in Wizard101!  That's more my style.  It would take a lot to get me in the water with a real shark but I'm all for jumping in with both feet in Wizard City.

But whether you like to fish or not, you have a chance to win 5000 crowns, permanent shark mount, or a Stormiger Shark pet (for Pirate 101)

So, in the spirit of Shark Week... send me a picture of your best fish catch OR your best drawing of your best fish catch in Wizard101 OR why not drawing of a shark.  Either one is fine...

Use an email address that can receive email so you can get a code back if you win. And if you need a parent's help, please use their email address.  Winners will be chosen at random but your best work may make it on to the blog so be creative.

Also try to keep it to one entry so we can share the goodies with a wide group of people. Send your Shark related image and your wizard name to: