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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Grand Tourney Bundle

Back from a vacation to the mountains of Colorado! It was fun to get away mostly from tech but I missed a chance to post early about the awesome Grand Tourney Bundle!

The Grand Tourney Bundle is now available in Walmart!

The gear from the Grand Tourney Bundle is something I've looked forward to for a long time!  Who doesn't like jousting armor, lances, and Destriers? (aka a Jousting horse)

Check out some of the cool things the Grand Tourney Bundle has...

The Grand Tourney Arena which is a 6 round challenge for a single Wiz or multiple if you want to have friends over.

The classic Destrier...

Take them to the dye shop for a splash of color

Check out how high they can jump!

Don't forget this part of the bundle... your very own squirrel pet especially handy it seems for Myth Wizards.

The perfect accessory for Monte-Pythonesqe knights.

Right away this gives you a bit of shielding against Storm which is something every wiz can use... especially in pvp.  We'll keep an eye on how this squirrel grows and let you know what kind of skills he gets.

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