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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Any spooky spook who doesn't have school in the morning is playing Wizard101 tonight.  Let us know about any big Halloween bashes you have.  For the crew in the pictures below, along with Keira and others like to get together and read fortunes and just have a spooktacular time.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe.

I'll post some pics of our real and virtual Halloween


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting ready for book launch banner

One of our fellow wizards Rowan Watertamer has a book coming out on 11-11 that will have a live Wizard launch party on 11-12!  I'll post the info and you're all invited! 

So we were toying around with a banner picture to use for the promo ad.  Of course we got a bunch and will be making one into a banner ad for the book BECOME. I'll tell you more about it soon but for now here are the pics of Rowan with our gang of usual suspects.  I tend to think of us as Ice team or as the Duncan posse.  We'll be your book launch party escorts so be sure to stop in on 11-12 and we'll give rides to the the house where it will be hosted.
Keep in mind it will be trimmed to a narrow banner and have text added but which ones do you like?
I think I had my eyes closed on that one!
Post a comment and vote for your favorite.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't forget these amazing Wizard cards with gear and crowns

Super Bundle
  • Enormous Safari Palace
  • Great Hornoceraus Two Person Mount
  • Great Axe
  • Chieftan's Outfit
  • Pet Giraffe
  • Mystery Teleport Tapestry
  • 1 Month or 5000 Crowns
See Super Bundle Retailer »

Hawk Rider Bundle
  • High Flying Hawk Mount
  • Night Hawk Pet
  • 2-Handed Clay More
  • Ranger Outfit
  • Teleport Tapestry
  • 1 Month or 5000 Crowns
See Hawk Bundle Retailer »

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Spoilers?

Wow! We have two more spoilers! Comment if you would like to know their translations!

The first spoiler code was:  Down in the depths

The second spoiler code looks like: At the top of the world

The last spoiler code says: Find her here

This is obviously a reference to Morganthe as Alex Rivera one of our astute readers hinted.  So in the depths at the top of the world?  What could that refer to other than perhaps the depths of Celestia.  Maybe it's a center of the earth thing like the old tale of Pellucidar.  I have to admit it's a mystery.  Let us know what your guesses are as to where we could find Morganthe?  Maybe this links off of a dark reflection of Wizard City under Wizard City?

Hmm.  Let the speculation begin!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Death arena teams

In arena Death wizards are having a bit of a hard time in 3v3 and 4v4.  I'll attempt to explain why.
Most teams now depend significantly on the use of gargantuan on their arena spells.  But most arena players now use gargantuan on smaller multi-hit spells.  This means you are getting hit even on the first turn and probably every turn for the first three passes.  Meaning that as a death wizard with poor resist and poor health you'll take about 2200 damage before you even get a chance to hit with a multi-hit spell.  So either you need to use wraiths and just chip away at one single player which isn't a viable strategy in 3 and 4v or you have to cast crow as often as possible with or without blades.  The Wiz makers did in fact add a sweet new spell to Death that decreases the opposing teams hit.  However, that spell costs 3 pips, and crit often makes it less effective, which means that to keep the other team dampened you basically have to use all your pips keeping dampening up or you just have to let them hit and try to save your pips and hope to survive and get an unblocked crit.  And the irony is that Death probably has the least crit block of all the schools too. :(

One for instance was that we fought a storm team that:
1) stunned us
2) did a tempest (each of them) 2600 total damage total even through shields
3) then each did a tempest again on one pip
- Game over -

On the last pass we assumed we were safe because each of them had a snowball pip but to my surprise the single snowball pip tempest without blades from the first player hit 490 after a critical block!  I thought those were supposed to be 80 per pip but it seems that with gargantuan and the incredible 70-90% tough plus that storm wizards can juice up to using special gear that if they have the right tough rating you're just plain dead.  But even so it makes one wonder if there isn't a miss calculation somewhere and maybe the critical block didn't actually block the critical completely? Who knows.

So far Death and life are the only schools that don't have low-pip multi hits even though life still has a low pip multi-heal.  Without a low pip multi-hit and with poor shielding and poor health Death wiz are having a super hard time in multi-v arena and still just so-so in 1v1.  Since the changes in the game my death wiz has dropped rank faster than a court-marshaled General.

In all the doom and gloom (pun intended)... death minotaur is certainly a bright spot. Without him there would be no chance in 1v1 and 2v2 pvp.

If there are any death wiz out there that are still doing well (1400-3000+ rank) in 3v3 and 4v4 please comment and I'll contact you for an interview.

Valerian Nightbringer

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I think I cracked the Code!

I think it says Central moderators are on a power trip.  This weekend I'm closing my Wizard101 Central account in favor of  Why you ask?  - good question -

Central banned Cody Skyrider (scoop writer) -  yes! our very own Cody got banned and our IP address along with it.  So I can't log in without using TOR or something like that.

In any event, in solidarity with Cody I'm going to close my account with them.  I've had my run-ins with their mods in the past as they didn't like something I had to say or I commented that some were allowed to break the rules while they threatened my account being banned over silly things. (once I made the horrible mistake of referencing a friends blog)  It seemed as though the world was about to end and I had to beg forgiveness for a good while before I was allowed back on.  Cody's been banned a couple times for innocent comments and this most recent one for telling the moderator that there were several threads covering the same topic of a thread he opened a couple days earlier.

While I don't make it a policy to take things out on people publicly for their questionable decisions.  In this case I'll make an exception because Central mods didn't consider that by banning Cody by IP address they'd also be banning 3 other wizards in the family including me.

Anyway, farewell Central!  But all is not lost!  I love DiaryOfAWizard which is a super great site that offers more than Central and does it while allowing you to talk about, link to and create your own blogs! (all ban-able offences on Central)  My good buddy Fallon Shadowblade runs DiaryOfAWizard which has a really nice interface and she does a fantastic job of keeping it up.

See you on

Valerian Nightbringer

New world code

In case you didn't zoom in on the picture below.  There's a code on it to decipher.  It's a code is used sometimes for emergencies.  See if you can crack it!


Friday, October 21, 2011

New World Spoiler!

Wizard finally saw my mayan/aztec idea, and decided to take thier own spin on it.

- Cody Scoop Writer.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tons, And Tons Of Stuff!

Well, as most of you know, Wizard has just released a special "Nightmare" Pack.
This pack comes with lots of great new pets, Like the golden armored skeleton, the Gob-o-lantern, and Myth Banshee!  It also has an awesome set of gear called the dark wraith gear.  The dark wraith gear is really cool, both looking wise, and stat wise!  It also comes with an amazing nightmare mount, with very good detail and beautiful art.  And the best part? It's only 300 crowns! So now you get even more bang for your buck. 
There is also a new Walmart mini mega card, The Hawk rider set!
This is an awesome set, with a really cool flying hawk mount that looks amazing, an awesome new set of gear, an awesome hawk pet, And a sweet two handed sword!  You can find this at walmart for 30$ about.  And the most amazing?

The new Gamestop MEGA BUNDLE!
This amaaaazing new bundle comes with an awesome TWO seater Great Hornacoreus (Sorry Idk how to spell it XD ) that's really amazing, and so much fun.  A 1 month membership OR 5000 Crowns, great set of gear called the chieftain gear, an amazing blade with amazing art called the dancing blade...

And 1 Humongous house!
The house is really awesome. I truly love it, and I'm also happy because i think wizard got it from my Mayan/Aztec type world idea!   It has a couple secret passages, as well as a giant ape that will give you a gift once a day!  This is really a must buy, and I'm so happy wizard was nice enough to give vale a code as well as extras for family!
These are all amazing sets!  Check out some pics from Vale's place:

You could say I'm a "hawk" when it comes to defending the spiral

I don't ride, I glide
The jungle force is strong with this one 
 A little Mayan vibe mixed with King Kong
 Oh, wait! There IS King Kong! - oh and he gives you stuff -
 What's a Wiz house without a waterfall?
 I'm in awe.... aaaahhh!
 Checking to see if the roofers fixed that leak from last monsoon
 A balcony that's perfect for eating out
 An arena so you can beat up on your guests
 One last look at my island paradise
 oh, wait... there's more!  a back balcony.  (can see the hawk pet here)
 Admiring the new summer house with my new pet giraffe
 "opulence... I haz it!"
 chillin with my wild pets, you know, like in the jungle...
 Some pets fly more gracefully than others when shot from a cannon
 sweetness!  and this is only the half of it.  I'll post more pics soon.

- Cody Scoop Writer.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Test Realm open again!

Wizard101 Test realm is open again so get yourself logged in using the test realm app and get started on:

1) testing game features
2) testing new pet mixes
3) train pets to epic and see if they are worth finishing training in live realm

I know I've got some pets that need some mega snacks to check and see what talents they will develop.  It really saves on crowns and or pet snacks if you train them in test realm.  From what my friends who are very pet-savvy tell me it doesn't matter so much what you feed them... they will develop the same talents.

And! Crowns sale ends tonight so... that usually means they're coming out with some awesome new stuff to buy.  The crowns sale usually ends just before the cool stuff comes out!  So watch for crown sales and buy then and hang on to some of them for the future.

Valerian Nightbringer (Vale)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wizard B-day

It's my birthday as of 18 minutes ago!  It's been a fun time playing on Wizard101 these past few years.  *can't remember exactly how long, memory getting fuzzy, everything going dark*   The friends I've made on the game are like family to me.  I hope to have some offline and a little online fun tomorrow.  Maybe in the spirit of my birthday I should start a contest of some kind... hmmm

Any ideas?

My mom used to sing this birthday song for any and all family birthdays...  like to hear it? here it is!

Today is a birthday I wonder for whom?
It must be for someone who's right in this room.
So look all around you for somebody who,
is smiling and happy...
my goodness! It's you!

Happy Birthday ______ from all of us to you.
Happy Birthday ______ from ______ and ______ too!
We congratulate you,
and pray good luck follow you...
Happy Birthday ______ may all of your good dreams come true.

(the ____ are where you insert the name of the very embarrassed person, and that person's friends, parents or whatever makes it fun or funny)

Anyway!  Share in my B-day and all the other Oct 12 birthday babies out there and send along ideas for a b-day style contest!

Totally unrelated... has anyone had a Night Mare pet that's actually cast unicorn yet?  Mine is still holding out after about 3 days of imminent danger.

Valerian Nightbringer

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gear a Palooza

Check out the wizard 101 web site and use their template to draw cool gear.  The winners will be picked by the Wizard101 teachers and if your gear is a hit you could win some cool new pets and who knows, maybe you'll see your gear in the game some day.

Check out the link here:

I have some ideas I want to send over :)

Give it a shot!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where have all the one pip dispels gone?

If you've noticed a particular item missing from the Wizard101 bazaar you're not the only one!  I was shopping for Tower of the Helephant supplies and was disappointed to find the only place you can get dispels now is at the archivist and they are full-cost or two pip dispels. 

I think it's a good idea for PVP so cudos on that, but I wish you could use 1 pip dispels on cheating bosses.  In any event if you have a second school amulet you may only have to sacrifice one power pip for a dispel of that same school type.

So if you have any 1 pip dispels in your treasures... save them for a rainy day.

Valerian Nightbringer