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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to Valerian's School readers

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I wish peace and good will to everyone wherever they are.

This year we were a bit sad because we love to share our special days with loved ones.  This Christmas we were alone as a family but still had fun.  Sharing holidays is always way more enjoyable.  I had a health scare and went to the hospital on Christmas Eve which was scary but it reminded me of what is really important.  Experiencing life -spending time with loved ones- is most important and spreading positivity.

This was a more difficult year than most with work changes and the financial challenges that go along with that but it's wonderful to sacrifice a bit to see others happy.  I was very sad that we had little to give to people in need this year as in years past. I hope that changes.

I hope you find some ways to serve people this year.  Even if the service is being a good friend or helping a wayward wizard.

May you always remember the reason for the season and have a happy new year!

Enter our December contest below!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Contest

We will be giving away:
5 - Epic bundles,
5 - Mega bundles,
5 - Hawk Rider bundles,
5 - Majestic bundles,
5 - Pagoda bundles,
5 - Dino bundles,
5 - Prehistoric bundles,
10 - 5000 crowns,
5 - 10,000 crowns,
5 - 20,000 crowns

We have been picked to have the blue raptor blade as our site-exclusive item so in the future we'll be giving away the worlds most awesome raptor claw sword.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vote for Pirate101 and come back for December Contest

Pirate 101 is an epic game and if you have played it and enjoyed it then please go vote for it at

Our December contest will be set up tomorrow 12-12-12.  Lots of stuff is happening around 12-12-12.  There's the meteor thing going on tonight and tomorrow morning and then Rowan's 3rd book coming out.  Not to mention that the Hobbit is opening early in some places. 

There are tons of very good prizes in our December contest so come on back for a chance to win.

Comment if you want me to post dino pics from the last contest.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dec 9th Code

I found out a little late tonight that the following Wizard101 free code


will give you a holiday decorating item for your Wizard101 home.

It will probably work only until midnight tonight so tonight the late bird gets the worm I guess...


Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Contest Winners

Winners are recieving emails right now telling them that they won something awesome! Here are the names of the winners. Please note that in the game it's possible to have many wizards with the same name. If you were the right wizard you'll have an email waiting for you.

If you weren't the lucky one then please keep visiting because we have a huge December giveaway and I will be announcing that in the next couple days. I'll also see about posting your Dino pics maybe without names attached just in case you're shy.

Thanks to all that entered. I hope you had a great thanksgiving and I am hoping you'll get to visit family during the new year as well.


Here are the Wizards that were hit by the luck spell.

Isabella Starsong
Hunter MythEyes
Michelle Mooncatcher
Joshua Jaderunner
Emily Dawnbringer
Naomi N.
Chris Togg
Royal Wizard
Amber Goldgem
Pearl Pyre
Kevin Eall
Chris Drakeflame
Rosie Zhao
Keira Deathwalker
Alexander da Coolest
Scarlet Dragon
Danny Wizzy
Cammie Nixt
Hope Norris
Caine Cladiusnod
Alex NightBoom
Joshua Jaderunner
Lainey Washburn
Megan AshCloud
Jasmin Chowdhury
Erin NightRiver
Zachary Rainwillow
Jack Dshield