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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Party NOW at Kestrel's House

If you want to join the Halloween party going on NOW, look for David Dragonheart in the commons of Wizard City by the fountain (Vampire Realm).  I'll be giving rides to the halloween party.

See you there!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dinotopia gift card pics

November contest coming soon where you can win some dino gifts.
Check out the new pteradactyl mount!  This is the biggest bird in the spiral.

Check out the new card which should be in stores soon.  Also, don't forget to enter the crowns contest ( a couple posts below ) before it's done.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Test Realm and Dinotopia Card available soon

Check out test realm for a brave new world of dinosuar-y fun.  I understand that pet snacks have been removed so I won't be able to train my new pets to see if they are worthwhile or not.  (sad :( )

There is a new card pack that will be available for $29 at Gamestop that has new cave-man fire gear and a pterydactyl 2-seater mount and a storm pet.   And it comes with a tree-house to put in your house (not a house thats' a tree)  The tree house has dino-eggs at the top that give you free stuff each day.

So far I'm LOVING the new mount!!  It alone is probably worth the price of the card.  It's huge and flies quite high off the ground which I like.  Here are the card items.

*** Also, don't forget to enter the crowns contest in the post below.  To enter you will have to have javascript enabled or the contest widget won't work ***

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Decorating Pack Winners and New Crowns Contest!

Well, our persistent contest entrants were lucky again for the most part in winning decorating packs.  Check out the list of winners below.  If you were a winner an email has already been sent to you with your code.

Dusan, Chris Toggweiller, Chelsea Star, Al Neuu, Llewella, Emily Dawnbringer, Scarlet Dragon, Rosie Zhao, Arielle, Sophie Spell, Ali Storm, Valkoor, Fred Moonsong, Aaron StarHeart, Jessie Yost, Travis Hawk, Alexandra Stone, Nicole, Ari F, Alura L, Julia Dreamcaster, Lainey Washburn, Kevin F, Tara, Julian Hetherington

You would think we're all out of stuff to give away but you'd be wrong!

Enter below to win one of 25 codes for 5000 crowns!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winners of Graveyard Pack Contest and Decorating Pack Contest

The lucky winners are receiving emails right now! However you may notice that a lot of the winners from last time are winning again so this means that there aren't a ton of people trying which means your chances are excellent. Also it means those people are entering as many times as they can. (A good strategy btw)

Here is a list of the lucky winners... Chris, Nicole Sly, Rosie Zhao, Lainey Washburn, Jessie Yost, Jasmin Chowdhury, Alexandra Stone, Fred Moonsong, Emma, Evan Silver, Al Neuu, Scarlet Dragon, Emily, Dawnbringer, Melissa Baker, Christ Toggweiler, Ben, Nicole, Dusan, Julia Dreamcaster, Aaron StarHeart, Alex Nightflame, Chris Drakeflame, Fred Moonsong, Al Neuu, Travis Hawk

I think I might have had at least one person win two codes. If so you can pass along the extra one to a buddy or use it on a second wizard.

Decorating Pack Contest

Halloween Cauldron
Fat Pumpkin
Tall Pumpkin
Ghost Doodle Stand
Ghoul Doodle Stand
Scarecrow Doodle Stand
Vampire Doodle Stand
Witch Doodle Stand
Witchdoctor Cauldron
Witchdoctor Mask

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spider Pack Winners and New Contest

Emails are finding their way through cyberspace to the lucky winners.

Chris, Dusan, Chaz, Stephanieee, Jack Dawnsong, Alex NightFlame, Stephany, Fred Moonsong, Michael Hill, Jessie Yost, Julian Hetherington, Sophie Spell, David RavenCatcher, Chris Toggweiler, Llewella, Jessie Yost, Aaron StarHeart, Chris, Marquan, Ben, Lainey Washburn, Scarlet Dragon, Rosie Zhao, D.S. Devereaux

I hope I got everyone their pack.  I want take a moment and knight Dusan as a Knight of the Wizard Realm for a very unselfish gesture.  (thanks!)

Graveyard Pack1 Pointed Grave1 Arched Grave1 Angled Gravemarker1 Elephant Gravestone1 Crossbone Gravestone1 Zafaria Graveyard Theme1 Graveyard Tree1 Customizable Gravestone Sign1 Slanted Grave1 Tall Grave

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spider Pack Winners Anouncing Tonight

I'm compiling the winners of the Spider Pack Contest... come back to see who won and get a leg up on the next contest!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Pirate 101 LIVE - Contest

Pirate 101 is LIVE for all users tonight!  Are you feeling swashy or buckle-y?  Then it's time go adventuring!

Don't forget to enter our decoration code contest below.


Friday, October 12, 2012

My Bday, my new job and death dueling

I had a great bday today!  Oct 12 rules!

I got home from a fun day at the office eating cookies, listening to music, hacking servers and web sites - had some yummy fried chicken and french silk pie (yum) and then presents and off to dueling with my buddies.  I got to at least say hi to most of my friends online and to my IRL sis on the game. Good times :D

BTW, deer-knight, the new craft-able permanent spell is perhaps the only means by which death can have a shot in multi-v arena now days.  It was fun to play death for a bit but we got punished pretty bad because my death is only level 70 and has no block and no resist to speak of and doesn't have deer-knight yet. 

If you're reading this, which you obviously are... go down to the next post and enter the contest.  There are more contests to come but don't short change yourself by only entering one time!

Happy B-day to any other October babies out there.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Decorating Contest

These next prizes are wizard101 codes for October themed decorating items to spice up your home away from home :)

I have to give away:

25 - Spider Pack1 Spider Altar1 Spider Porringer1 Spider Table1 Spider Egg Sac (ew!)1 Spider Chalice1 Spider Vase1 Spider Vessel1 Webbed Haunted Imperial Shrine1 Webbed Haunted Monk Shrine1 Webbed Haunted Samoorai Shrine
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Winners of the Death House and Upcoming Contest

Here are the winners of the Death House contest!  To all that won, there should be an email in your inbox already.

I'm sending out big thanks to all that entered the contest.  But this contest is not ALL!  We have another contest starting tomorrow for Halloween decorating packs of various types and there are bazillions to give away!

So come back tomorrow and there will be another contest set up in the evening.

I'll try to post up all the submitted pictures if I can.  I especially think picture contests are awesome.  I'm always amazed at the talent that comes out when people have a challenge.

Thanks again,