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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New World Is Available Today

The new world is ready for download. Good luck getting a connection to the servers, they're burning up!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wizard Secrets Part 2

How can I log two different wizards into to Wizard101 using the same computer?

If you have two wizard accounts (with unique user names) you can log into wizard101 twice even on the same computer! If your computer is fast enough and your video card can support a high resolution you can run two copies of wizard at the same time.

Why would you want to do this? If you want to be able to help yourself with quests, trade cards to and from another wizard without using a friend as a go between. You could even join yourself in the arena. (interesting idea :)
What to watch for when you are trying to do this on a single computer is to load the game fully to your character selection screen before starting the program again. If you don't get past the loader the program will tell you another copy is running and it will refuse to start. If you load one character fully you can safely start the new game and new login without problems.
See the following pictures for how to run an switch between copies/characters.
1) Log one character in fully

2) Set your video settings to a lower number to allow you to better use your computer's desktop space
3) Set your full-screen option to OFF so that you can switch between windows by clicking the window you want with your mouse.

4) Log your other character in (note this cannot be a character who is on the same login username and password as your first). This character must be a character who has a DIFFERENT login username and password.

5) Once your second wizard is logged in you can start playing together with a little window switching. If you have two computer monitors you can drag a window to each side allowing you a smooth transition between copies of the program.

Wizard Secrets Part 1

The following secret was one I learned from Grace Dragonrider.

How I get my potions filled quickly?
Play potion motion up to level 3 then quit for each potion you need filled.
Play one additional time if your mana orb is not currently full.
To get potion motion action started quickly pull the middle two columns down until a few items line up, after that you can quickly drag rows left and right to quickly make matches that will get you very quickly to level 2 if no 3 without any serious thought or effort.

So next time you need to do an instance you can fill up in a couple minutes!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Test Realm Update

The test realm was updated with significant fixes. As many of you noticed there were some strange things going on. It seemed like they fixed the personal text chat a few days back but some friends and I got to see a group of bosses cheat their way through a battle by not loosing any pips after a spell cast, which would have been funny if it hadn't been so frustrating. We also saw some interesting features of the chat window which seemed to sometimes keep you from being able to click on the boss and rather would pop up the profile of the friend you most recently texted.

I'm hoping some of these strange things have been fixed and look forward to seeing you on test.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Open Chat Option For Wizards 18+ Years Old

To get slightly more open chat ability there is an option available in parental controls that can allow you to talk with slightly more freedom.

The setting in the parental controls area looks like this when it's enabled.

The downside to this option is that there are a lot of restrictions on it:
1) The user must be 18 or older
2) The user must have a subscription
3) The user must have a credit card on the account (and possibly be the sole account owner)
4) The user must have used the credit card on file to make a purchase through the wizard site


Friday, June 19, 2009

Test of Grizzleheim is Online

If don't already have the test realm client program you can download it by:
1) logging in to the main page using your wizard's username and password.
2) clicking on the red ribbon on the right hand side of the screen. (see below) or go to this link:

New Chat

The first thing you'll notice is the change in the chat window. With the new chat window you can say things that everyone can see who's in the same realm and world as you. The other chat window or tab allows you to chat with people near you without "shouting" to the entire level. Currently personal text messaging doesn't seem to be working. You can also create groups (it seems like you can only belong to one at a time) in which you are temporarily connected to a group of friends to whom you can chat and port even if they're not on your normal friend list. This seems to be a feature to assist in questing in an instanced level or possibly creating a guild.

Make Your Own Items To Sell

You can get a quest in Old Towne (Wizards in the Mist) which will give you a crafting station that allows you to make items. She'll send you on a quest to find "mist wood" which can be found mostly in Marleybone it seems for right now. With three sets of wood you can have lady by Zeke in Olde Towne make you a crafting station. Once you have a crafting station you have to buy a recipe from one of the vendors. The recipe will require certain ingredients. These you have to collect either by finding them on the street or by buying them or picking up boss drops. With the right items to fill the recipe you can make items to sell at the Grizzleheim bazaar.

Grizzleheim missing in the Spiral Door?

You will also quickly notice that the Grizzleheim world is not available in the spiral door. Go to OldeTowne and pick up a quest for the new world from the bear. This should prompt your system to start loading the new world. After you visit Grizzleheim briefly you can talk to Merle Ambrose and get the official quest that will give you the new world as an option when you visit the spiral door.

Here are some wallpaper quality shots of the new world :)

Many things work well in the new world. It seems deceptively easy at first but it gets harder toward the end.
Again, watch out for texts getting lost as this may cause some missunderstandings between you and your buddies.

Enjoy :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Facebook Fan Sign-Up Gives 1000 Gold

For those of you who have a facebook account and are willing to put your name in the list of fans of Wizard101 you can enjoy the gift of 1000 free gold. Of course you know by signing up you give up some additional privacy. However if you want a little extra piece of mind you can set your facebook profile to only allow friends of friends to see your friends list and information.

You'll get a facebook update note that gives you a one time code for free gold. Enter it in the codes page after logging into the web site. After you have entered the code just log into the game. The character you log in with will be able to claim the gold. :)

Have fun and maybe see you on line.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Free Code for Wizard101

A free code being given out on the new TV commercial is:


I believe this may give an item that is the same as one of the previous codes but try it and see what you get!

~ Vale

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Interview with Emily Jade number 12 in top 100 duelists

Emily Jade was kind enough to share her time and some tips with you about what makes a good duelist great. Suri represents us as noob arena-goers asking the questions that we all want to know.

Speaking of chain-stunners some good friends of mine got chained by these guys who were bragging of being reported over ten times in two days. While I gudgingly admit that there are no hard rules against this kind of behavior I'm coming to believe that stuns should take health from the player that casts it or should only work one time during a battle or simply be removed all together. Certainly with a multi-person chain stun the battle is lost before it has begun for the challengers. I believe the makers of Wizard101 need to address this problem very soon. Arena fans are becoming extremely frustrated by this unfair practice.

Patrick Thundershade
Chris Nightrider
Eric Soulbreaker

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Act 2 Scene 1

Suri's play continues with Michael Starshield playing the part of Malistaire and Suri playing the part of Eternal the Dragon. Mailstaire continues to be tempted by the promises made by Eternal a mistake that will forever change the spiral.

Act 2 Scene 2

Cody Skyrider and Michael Starshield in this lastest act 2 scene 2. Cyrus Drake, played by Cody Skyrider, breaks the news of Sylvia's death after she tries to buy time for Malistiare to escape.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Almost 100,000 Hit on Storm Boss

Suri and friends in the news again, set up for big hit on storm boss. Three elemental traps and regular school traps didn't get to be put on so this could have been bigger but sometimes that cards don't always cooperate. If you have specific first hand knowledge of how to achieve an even bigger hit then please, leave a comment :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Virtual Play Ever Recorded?

I had the privilege to record what I believe to be the first play ever written and produced inside of a massively multiplayer game on an actual stage, with set and cast, not to mention a theatre to house it. Considering the technical challenge of communicating through filtered chat bubbles and maintaining the cooperation of actors and actresses and friends both on and off set, including rehersals and staging, the debut of this play is a truly ground-breaking achievement. I hope it's only the first of many.

The play was written and produced by Suri Stormshade. She plays the part of Sylvia Drake while Charles Goldriver plays both Malistaire and Cyrus Drake.

In a historical, possibly first ever... I give you the back story to how Malistaire became evil.

Act 1 Scene 1

Act 1 Scene 2

Monday, June 1, 2009

Boss Drops List ( a start anyway )

Thanks to Lenora Lifeheart here's a starter list of free house items and house boss drops. Please add more by comment if you know of additional stuff.

Wizard Central

Tiny arched door - petshop beside robe closet
Ink and pen - in Anna's house beside crystal ball on firecat alley
Open book - in Harvest Lord tower on floor to your right when you enter
Brain jar - on Lord Nightshade's desk
Lynx picture - in myth school on wall


Tall ladder - Chamber of fire When walking up the slope look to your right you will see it
Fire glyph - barracks as soon as you walk in on the rightbowl of tomatoes - on ground beside vendor that sells heck-hound
Pumpkin - around Rami in hall of champions
Sledgehammer - on the ground around Farnsworth


Rope - behind column in spiral chamber of marley
Food cart - digmoore station when you go in look right
Hairdini picture - Scotland Yard Station behind elevator
Discarded newspaper - Scotland Roof at the bottom of the stairs on the ground


Stone obelisk - Spiral chamber behind the spiral door
Silk kimono - Jade palace when you walk in on the right
Small boulder - near tu luk ku in Kisibie village
Serpent tablet - When you walk in to fight the plague oni go to your right when you walk in do not have to fight wavebringer just unlock door and go in and get it
Samoorai bust - Hametsu village in fire around jo feng
Dragonspyre lava fountain - by Zeke
Dragonskull obelisk - Hat and robe shop Library Up on the top across from the dagger shop keeper
Cherry blossom tree - from Oak Heart


Battle standard
- from Secure House in Drake Hatchery
Pillory - Sandor in plaza of conquest
Fire teacher picture - from Kraysis
Cyrus Drake picture - Greystone