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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

Santa oddness

This is a strange picture a friend from nearby sent me.  I think it's kinda cool and freaky at the same time.  He looks like a Grizzleheim santa for some reason. 

Yep, it's been a whirlwind of a Christmas for me with family over and sadly our Comcast crashed yesterday so I missed my "peeps" on wizard.

Here are three codes.  THEY WILL ONLY WORK FOR THE FIRST WIZARD THAT REDEEMS THEM!  So be fast and cross your fingers.  Whoever they work for please reply to this post so I know I can take them off.



Sure hope you had a rockin' Christmas.  Comment and let me know how things went for you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vote for Wizard101 in MMORPG best-of contests

Look these sites up and vote for wizard 101.  Who knows?  With your help Wizard could be #1!

Massively - Best Family Game of the Decade
Massive Online Gamer Best of 2010 - Favorite MMO Company - Best Free 2 Play MMO - Game of the Year

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crafting Gear

Over the last couple of weeks I have been adventuring the world of crafting on a whole new level.

This is due to my friend Duncan Starstone. (He is always thinking up something awesome!)

While questing in Celestia on our Ice Toons he discovered an Ice Blade Amulet that could be crafted. It is named the Iceblade Vial and the recipe can be purchased from Charlotte Heath in Celestia at the Base Camp. It gives one card that increases the ice hit an additional 45%. Add that to your school blade of 40% and tri blade of 35% and look out arena here we come.....

Then on a questing night Duncan tells me he wants to craft an Ice Hat that will increase his ice critical factor and his life critical factor... tips he got from our friend and ice team member Kestrel Spiritblade - Hmmmm, sounds like a good plan. (He can be so amazing when he starts to scheme lol)

The Wintersoul Mantle recipe can be purchased from Hamish Willoughby in the Grotto. This hat offers
+301 health, +5% accuracy in ice, +53 Critical Rating in ice, +11% strength in ice
and +5% accuracy to life, +60 Critical Rating to life, +15% strength to life.

Some amazing attributes to add to the Ice Gear set up.... Will be Nice to go Critical when healing.... Over the next few days we will be testing our new gear out on random bosses and I will update and let you know how well it works. Maybe post some hit damage factors and critical heal facts.

Crafting can be challenging at times due to the farming for regeants. But in my personal oppinion it is well worth the effort. It has turned out to be one of KingsIsles best updates so far.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unbalance is Back!

In Wizard101's release of Celestia there have been a lot of changes with the new spells and powers.  Ice has new gear that rocks.  Other schools have nuclear spells that are "off the chain", thankfully they are not chain-er :D  But the unbalance dispel card finally was put out with the new update.  This means that balance may likely not pwn everyone in 1v1 any more. 

I've collected a lot of observations lately about arena.  I think the school to watch now is life.  I'll post more on that soon.

If you don't want to get nuked by a 2800 tough judgement I'd recommend unbalance for those tricky 1v1s.  I probably won't carry them in 4v4 but who knows?  Once I set up my deck for Ice I'll post it for comment.

Happy Adventuring!
Valerian Nightbringer

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

86 hour work streak randomness

After finishing a huge stretch of work I'm getting back into the wizard101 world with a vengance.  For some fun and information check out these wiz links.
Check out a cool new video here:
Browse through the new news letter:

If you log in around Christmas time from Dec 21 to Jan 1 you will be awarded with a Christmas hat of some variety.  I'd post the link but it's broken.  I hope it's a Santa hat!  I love to wear mine around the house when I'm doing Christmass-y things like shopping online or decorating.
And don't forget to pick up an ice elf if you are looking for a new pet that is "cool" this time of year.

His smile is about as big as mine now that I'm done work!
Last but not least is our latest update on lounge lizards... zoom in on the picture and see where the green arrow is pointing.  You'll need to navigate there.  Good hunting!

Valerian Nightbringer

P.S.  Check out some of our readers blogs:

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pet Leveling the Economic Way....

Glowing star fruit is best food for the buck!

I am always looking for a REAL DEAL when leveling my pets. I am one of the many wizards who due to the economy is forced to level my pets the economic way. I farm for items to sell, then use the gold I have earned to buy food for my pet or pets that I am working on. Some foods are very expensive for a max of 6 points such as - cracker jacks cereal, or the medium pretzel which offer 6 points per game and costs 2250 in gold. I have found that the Glowing Star Fruit is around 350 to 450 in gold and offers 6 points per game if your pet doesn't like it and even more in points if it likes or loves it.

You probably wonder why I would choose to share such valuble information? Well, I figure if it helps one pet reach it's potential it is a good thing.... Or by me sharing this information someone may have something just as valuble to share that we may benefit from as well.

For a pet to reach epic it is 1000 points. Take this and use some math you find the following to be true:

Games give an average of 4 points per game then add food points and get a total of advancement...

1000 divided by 10 = 100 games

(100 games times 450.00 in gold = 45,000 in gold)

vs a higher price food

(100 games times 2250 in gold = 225,000 in gold)

- 45,000
180,000 saved ;-) = ( a whole lot of savings when you have to farm for gold)

Please note that this outcome is based on doing well at the games.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I took a little trip somewhere today.  And let's say I was surprised.  Ryan tipped me off to this amazing new discovery.

Check it out!

 What kinda plants are those?
 Plants have feelers too?
 I want to PLANT dandilions?  I just barely got them all out.
 This new hobby is spellbinding...

Boss Challenge

I got a challenge to fight all the big bosses of Celestia and Video it.  It's not often I get such a bold challenge but I am curious to find out if it's possible.  In answer to the challenge I'll do some experimenting while I work on getting my level 58 gear.  If it's looking good I'll fire up the video capture.  If any of you beat me to it I'll be happy to link to your video.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Check out KingIsle Free Games

I love having my wizblox game to earn cool stuff for Wizard101.  Now those of you iphone-less Wizards can now enjoy the same perks. 

Play minigames on our website and earn codes to give you items and gold in Wizard101. Visit our new sister site!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Locations of Lounge Lizards in Wizard101 Celestia

You've probably been wondering where to find the wizard101 lounge lizards are.  See the following maps for their location.  Zoom in to see the green triangle that shows the wizard's location and check out the surroundings to help you locate them.

Click these pictures to make them bigger so you can see where the lizards are in relation to the map.
Survey Camp Lizard

 District of the Stars Lizard
The Stellarium Lizard
                                                          Celestia Base Camp Lizard
                                                                 Stormriven Hall Lizard
The Grotto
Crustacean Empire

Stormriven Lizard

The Portico

And the Science Center lizard

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Caching Major XP in Celestia

I said not-so-jokingly to my friend a couple days ago that I'll be the last person done Wizard101's Celestia.  I've gone back and helped buddies catch up to where I am about 6 times already.  And there is no end in sight for those that I need to help including Cody and Logan and Rowan and and and.   I don't mind being a slow poke through Celestia except for the idea that I want to keep you all informed.  And what becomes of the Grand Master who is eclipsed by the student? 

Well, this Grand Master has a few tricks up his sleeve still...

I went into the big kids part of town to help with the Solarium yesterday as a lowly level 54 to help some of my level 58 buddies finish with their run through Celestia.  And what do you know but it gave me 5 bars of XP in one shot!  Because of a bug in the instance where only one person can pick up the sun disc, we had to go in a second time and what to my wondering eyes should appear but another gazillion XP almost wrapping my XP counter one bar shy of level 56!  To experiment I went in one last time and sadly this time then instance was wise to my - um, shall we say - "experiment." :(  Bummer.  Even still I was sure glad I helped.

Who says being helpful isn't the way to get ahead?

Valerian Nightbringer

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why does work have to interrupt virtual life?

It's been a tough slog in the work department, but never fear... Vale will be back in full swing soon with prizes for the Wizard101 Celestia and followers contest.

Here's a picture that Cody drew that's probably pretty accurate about my current state of affairs.
According to him it's my boss that gets banished into the far reaches of the spiral.  Problem is it's not him that makes me work so hard. I always want to deliver software on time and sometimes it takes some serious mojo to make that happen - even if it means looking like a necromancer.  (I can think of worse!)

Valerian Nightbringer

Monday, October 25, 2010

Celestia Coming to Live On WEDNESDAY!

So the cat is out of the bag for Wizard101's Celestia release!  I'll check the news release time and adjust the contest accordingly, so those that posted after the news announcement (on facebook) may be outa luck :P  But we'll see how it works out.


Some fun random tidbits from the update notes:
You won't be tripping over that invisible rock at the Raven fortress gate any more!
Also lots of chat cussword work-arounds are eliminate and you may find yourself banned if you need mouth soap a little more quickly.

So get what rest you can now and prepare for the super-bowl of questing!

Valerian Nightbringer

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wild Bolt finally gets a makeover!

If you've been a reader here at Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards long you probably know my opinion of snipered wild bolt.  With star school enhancements to them in Celestia you could find yourself in PVP staring down the barrel of 1000 damage spell that can be cast on every single pass of play with near 100% accuracy with enhancement and gear pluses.

It seems like the readers here have been listened to again as you were on chain stunning. 

Enter the new change...
This still has a 25% chance of being a nasty, nasty spell.  So it really is the same odds as a snipered bolt to hit 1000% but it takes away the super-enhancement of the gear.  Wild bolt will be a fantastic shield breaker but it will finally be fair all around considering that no other school has a secondary 2 pip chance spell that packs the highest hit in the game.

With the new Celestia schools and PVP being mixed up with all kinds of new things this is probably a much needed evening out adjustment especially versus low damage schools like Ice and Myth.

Thanks to KingIsle the makers of Wizard101 for listening to the fans and continuing to make adjustments to keep PVP fair.

See you in arena,
Valerian Nightbringer

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wizard101 iphone app comes out for OS4 & Crowns deal

I've been working like a mad wizard lately and one thing that helped make my 2am bed time and 6am morning and 6-1/2-hour-meeting-day a little more fun was an update on my iphone!  It's BAAAAAAck!  The WizardBlox iphone app.  It's fixed for OS4 and has new prizes including house drops.  I won a park bench and a ribcage (yikes).  I might have to start dropping codes again!

And Check out the web site for a spooky special on crowns! If you're looking to level pets or gear up for Celestia that would be the deal of the season.

Also to answer a couple questions: there is a secret passage way to the downstairs to the right of the bank in the new Fantasy Castle.  Also pay careful attention to the stairway walls

And the question about open chat requiring a credit card on file... No they won't deduct money from the card that you give for age verification but they need it to verify that you are actually a grown up or your account has been set up by a parent and your open chat approved by a parent.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celestia Test Realm Prediction Contest and Next Prediction Contest

The person who most closely guessed the release date of the test realm is: h.pippin.

H.Pippin, contact me by email and let me know which of these prizes you would like to claim as your reward...
BEST GUESS Celestia Test Realm Contest

5000 crowns
or Fog Unicorn
or Death Scarab
or Shard Tail Dragon
Celestia Prediction Part II Contest
Please send in your predictions of the release of the live realm version of Celestia.  Several of you have sent in your guesses but 3 are guessing the same day so if you want to have a chance to win a major prize like the ones above, please email me your date and hour so that I can determine which would win.

Lucky Subscriber Contest
Sign up to follow this blog and get a chance to win a crowns prize like the ones listed above.  I'll try to match you with a manly gift if you are a man or a womanly gift if you are of the fairer gender.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Critical and Block

I know I'm talking about this late but I think it's worthwhile to mention.  Two new stats of note in the Celestia release are the "Critical" and "Block" ratings.  These stats will help you have a chance for avoiding a bad spell alltogether like dodging a bullet with your Keanu Reaves skills or getting a super awesome hit that just nukes everything.  If you talk to Dueling Diego outside of the arena in the test realm he'll give you one of those nifty if somewhat odd looking helmets that are maybe something out of the Captain Nemo movie from 20 years ago. 

(fitting since we're talking underwater world... anyway, moving on)

But the funky helmet will give you a 15% chance for a critical hit.  It was hard for me to justify trying it when my old zeke level 35 gear are better than any since with the exception of the arena gear.  I think the helmet may have helped me get one or two early kills while adventuring but in the end I switched back to the zeke stuff for the shields because I was getting brutally punished by the storm and ice bosses that always seem to get their turn to use their 6, YES 6 pips on you on the very first turn.  Naturally it seems like they ALWAYS get the first turn but maybe that's just my bad luck idk.  In any event, I think if you have an outfit that you can put together with a decent chance at critical hit then it's probably worth wearing, otherwise you might find you're better off with your school's extra tough and shields you get from your regular gear.  But do be aware of it and watch your backpack and bank.  If you put a rockin outfit together with critical hit and block let me know.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secret Rooms and House Warming

Here's me checking out Friendly's place (

 And checking out Fallon's place (

 Cool dungeon with spooky things!  Secret doors open into various parts of the dungeon! Bwaaahaaaahaaa!
 Here's me checking out my awesome birthday surprise!
 Here's me apparently picking the totally wrong gear!  Um, be careful picking which gear you redeem!  I had no idea there was an option to get noob gear but apparenly I picked it.

 An artistic shot of me and my new gear and pet.  LOOOOVe the doggy!

 Another artsy fartsy shot
 Logan found one of the 5 secret passages that I know of.  One I found the first day but can't find again.
 My friends rocking the house's practice arena.
 A view of the house from the 'secret' island!
 Good buddies letting ice team beat on them.  What a nice housewarming present!
Thanks to Amber, Duncan, Grace, Robert ( ), Christina, Logan, Cody, Taryn, Morgan, Sierra (   ) and all the friends old and new who stopped by for a visit.  It was a nice belated birthday present.  If you can't tell I love having visitors over so don't be shy about dropping in!

Valerian Nightbringer

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today was my Birthday!

Bleery eyed from working 12 hour days and having to be up bright and early at 6, I finally had a moment to snarf down some cake made by Cody and chill for a little.  I had only a moment to check out Friendly's castle and Fallon's new castle and take some pics.  Not wanting to try to scoup them on their rockin castles from the new gamestop code I waited till today my Bday to post something thinking that work people would give me a break since it was my Bday.  O boy, was I ever wrong!  A 6am meeting thanks to the time difference between here and Boston got my day of to a rockin (sarcasm) start and it didn't slow down!

Knowing that I needed to catch up on the intense activity at KingIsle's Wizard101 release of Celestia I finally found some time tonight at midnight to post.  I peeked in on the game to see if my buddies were on.  With no time to quest and only two buddies on, I decided to catch up on the contest awards!  (I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!)  Not to mention it was one of our readers who had the rockin idea (not sarcasm, that idea really rocks) for Medusa, the new Myth spell.  Can you say WINNER?  I think so!  I'll track you down and let you pick something from our wiz goodies.  Since I've had too much sugar and my ADD is going berserk right now I had to kick myself to get back to my origina point.... So I go to check my email to find who was closest on the Celestia release and Ta-Da!  "You've Got Mail"  (I hope you're not old enough to remember that)  Anyway, what do I see in my email but a have to kick myself and get back to my point.

So I look in my email and O: My mouth got so big you could have shoved a full piece of cake in it without hitting the sides.  But what to my wondering eyes should appear but a tiny code and a thank you!  So I dashed over to and plugged in the code.  Double O: O: It was the code for the new castle and gear!  So I of course had to log back in to wiz and check it out even though I'd seen the others.  It wasn't any tiny bit less cool!  In my haste it seems like I selected the wrong set of cloths.  (not quite sure how that works yet but still! O:)

Dang cool. I'll post more tomorrow.

Thanks for the B-day present (you know who you are!)

Valerian Nightbringer

p.s. Thanks for the catch bro on the last post.  Cody was posting his scoup and I think he's just overcome by the coolness.  He actually called all the gamestops in the city to see if they had the cards yet!  It seemed like he pasted a post from Central O:  *naughty* and got the incorrect details as well as the broken links from the internal urls.  And well, I know Cody knows his Griffins from his eagles.  Nobody is into mythology more than he is.  He is the Myth master in more ways than one.  I'll have to tease him about it. Thanks for looking out!

New gamestop card!

Woot! gamestop has a new card for 40 dollars! Here's what it gives.

An griffin mount
An epic fantasy castle WITH ARENA!
A special hat robe and boots.
5000 Crowns
or 1 Month subscription.
1 Ancient spear of power
Here's a pic of the card.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Level 58 Spells (that we know of yet)

Snow Angel


Skeletal dragon


Efreet - Fire Genie

Friday, October 8, 2010

Celestia teaser for those who have yet to go to test realm

Here is a picture of the people waiting for the Celestia maps to load.

 Some new mounts!!

 Some new elixirs

 Your new stats.  I'll expand more on these soon.
 Talk to Merle Ambrose to get your Celestia key.
 Yay! There it is!
 Stepping through the door.
 Picking up your first quest.

 Storm wiz nuking a crab
 These bad guys throw big spells
 Talk to this lady in the Celestia commons to get access to the astral schools

After you talk to her go down that ramp and check out the broken pillars.  Those broken pillars give you access to the astral spells. 

Sun offers 100 Tough and 10% accuracy as well as other spell strength and accuracy enhancements.
Moon offers a Gobbler transform among other transforms.  They give you the extra health and a different deck of cards.
Stars offers personal bubbles for 15% resist for 3 turns, 15% boost for 3 turns and other things but the Stars school offers fewer spells over all and requires that you have to be level 54 to get your next training point.