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Friday, November 15, 2013

Khrysalis is out!

Yep this morning the new world was released.  Check it out.

If you're level 90 you'll be happy otherwise you'll be questing like mad to get there.  I'll be doing both... catching up on my death wiz and questing the new world with my ice.

See you online


p.s. I'm still sending out wand codes as fast as I can without getting my email address shut down.  So watch your mail box over the next few days before you email me.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Minor update coming

I'm going to be mailing out some more Blue Raptor Claw codes from the last contest after my email gets unblocked.  I hit the limit again tonight so I think I need to tweak my program a little and send out only 70 per night.

Also, I'll be adding what I think is the last Khrycket for the Zeke quest thanks to Suri!

Then come back for some more awesome content.  Suri and Duncan and Kestrel have been scouring the new world to bring news.

;) night!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Contest Pictures

Here are the awesome pictures that I was able to retrieve from my email.  I am extremely impressed with all of them.  I may have to find some codes to give out for these since art always makes me happy.

I love hand drawn pictures:   This one comes from Sierra Dragonshield.  I think she captures the essence of the Wraith owning the pumpkin scare-crow with a wild bolt if I'm not mistaken.  *shivers* that brings back bad memories of arena a few years back when I was a Bolt magnet.

Ashley Stalker created this awesome pic with paint tool SAI.  Why do I love Anime style so much? IDK but I do...

This spooky scene comes from Karic Stormflame.

This compo comes from David Silverhunter who does a cool mix of Alice-in-Wonderlandish flare but with an undercurrent of pure evil.  I love it.

This book-cover ready composition comes from Samantha NightTail who is from Russia? (If I read my domain post-fixes properly)  There's no way to know if you're quite safe or not if she knocked on your door Halloween night.  I'd probably be more scared of the cat.  I think he's not declawed!

This one from Michael WildFlame frames a great scene with some a little urban graffiti frame.  I still struggle with transparencies sometimes so cudos for the good work.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Extra Life

My buddy at work Jade participates in a charity called Extra Life ( ).  It's a game-a-thon to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network.  He has a bunch of people that get together and play.  Of course he invited me and I had good intentions and wanted to join the game-a-thon and use the 25 hours of game play to get my death wiz leveled to 90 or as far as I could get him.  But something work-related happened (big changes!!) and I suddenly find myself with a billion percent more responsibility and of course things happening today.

So I wanted to post in solidarity with my gamer buddies and wish I was there getting bleery-eyed and leveling up for the kids.  I wish I was there playing Wizard101.

If you want to follow them or donate please check them out.
enter the name: Jade Weedop and then click Donate Now and follow the steps.

Game and contribute to charity at the same time!  What's not to like?