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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wizard101 Installing trick to save room on C drive

So I have been playing Wizard on my laptop that has a small SSD drive for the C drive (the main place to store stuff on your computer)  * Don't make fun, it was state of the art back in the day... * Recently I ran out of space entirely on my C drive after some brutal Windows updates used up all the remaining space.  I was worried I might not be able to move Wizard to my D drive that has loads of space free still.

I got looking at the Wizard config files and realized that it is all fairly basic and seems to refer to everything using relative paths.  What does that mean to being able to free up room on your C drive you say? Well it means that after discovering that I simply moved the entire folder (KingsIsle Entertainment) structure to my D drive and changed the shortcut to the executable to the new D drive location.

The end result?  I fired up Wizard and it loaded updates and ran just great! I played Wizard tonight after freeing up over 7 gigs of space on my formerly full C drive!!!

While I wouldn't recommend you try anything like this unless you know how to UN-DO it, (basically copying it back to its original location) if you are computer savvy and vexed by too little room on your primary drive you may just be able to move your wiz install to an alternate drive where you have more free space.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Darkmoor and Malistaire!

So Malistaire isn't fini after all! Somehow I hoped/knew our one time rival wasn't finished.  Now he's come back from beyond the grave looking a lot more spooky.  I think overall this was a good idea for the storyline and gives a little purpose to what you started way back in Wizard City days. 

Here's me posing at Darkmoor castle where Malistaire has challenged me to a duel.

After getting disconnected a number of times and battling through the first guys who don't like it when you heal, (you get hit with a Gnome spell for about 1300) we were battling the second wave in Darkmoor where the boss cheats of course and takes single blades away and the first blade of a tri-blade.  He also spams 40% minus and heals his storm and death buddies. Here we were down to two players and even in spite of hiring a life minion we suffered pretty severe hits while restarting the Wizard101 client app. I got back online in time to heal once or twice under a doom-and-gloom dome and then die from this new death spell.  It's pretty cool if you ask me.  I can't wait for my death wiz to get him!

What are some of your Darkmoor adventures?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Check out this new concept art

Here's a concept for a new Knight. A spooky knight if you ask me...

Maybe even a bit of a "shadowy" knight.

This art has a bit of the feel of Batman the animated series.

I can't wait! This looks so cool.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Test Realm Back Up Monday Nov 10th - Friday

Some new instances are now up for trying in Test Realm.  You can sign into and hop over and grab the download for Test Realm at

Shadow-enhanced spells are there to try out if you are level 100.  So if you have two or more wizards then take your level 100 into test realm if you have one.

Not only this but you can test out the ability to make outfit sets.  So I can have my formal gear in a set and my arena gear, questing gear, ice-fighting gear, storm fighting gear etc and have it all at hand without having to switch hat, coat, boots, amulet, wand, deck, athame etc. This is an awesome idea.  Love it!

Now members also get a larger backpack (150 items) and members can have up to 150 friends now! Members will also be able to use emoticons! Not only that but some surprise benefits that you'll have to wait to see. :)

Housing and Crafting are just two areas where there are tons of changes.  One of the most exciting to me is recipes for making mega snacks from your extra fish.  (now maybe that's a way I can actually get some mega snacks happening)

Storm School gets Glowbug Squall
Glowbug Squall hits for 1220 (excellent damage) AND removes all positive Charms (aka all your blades)

Myth School gets Mystic Colossus
MC removes all shields and attacks for 880 myth damage to all enemies. Kind of like Quake and Humongofrog combined.

Balance School gets Gaze of Fate
GoF attacks for 550 damage and 550 random school damage.

Death School gets Call of Khruhu
This spell attacks all targets for 1100 health drain.  Kind of like a Scarecrow but without the payback. Finally a hard hitting death spell on less than 7 pips! (yay)

Ice School get Abominable Weaver (would snowman been too much to hope for?)
AW attacks for 950-1150 ice damage and applies a -75% shield to the caster.

Life School gets Hungry Caterpillar which attacks for 950-1150 life damage and applies an 800-damage absorb to the caster.

Fire School gets Fire From Above
FFA attacks for a whopping 1100-1300 damage and applies 3 +25% damage traps. Sounds like this one is begging for a follow-up from Heck Hound or Dragon.

Not only that, you can read up more about where to pick up the quests for the different new dungeons at: