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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friendship Festival Contest Wrap-Up

The Friendship Festival ended in epic style with one contestant (Ashley Fairyfriend) guessing all but one character of the password!  The real password for the contest was NiceIceBaby. But we also had some really close ones and some really sneaky guesses so I changed my password really fast!

A lot of you guessed minor variations on icywizrocks which I think is a pretty fine password but now I'm for sure not going to pick that one!
Some of my favorites were:
notherright (now that's thinking like a hacker),
nosferrabbit (this one is going on my list of potential passwords), friendship (a shared vibe I think),
valeiceninja (might have used this if I had thought of it first).

Special shout outs for good guesses were: Blaze TitanFist, Justin DragonMask, Thomas Silvervault, Lucas Dragonslinger and Tyler Myththief.

For everyone that participated THANK YOU! And how cool is that? Putting our heads together we can crack anything!  Good work Wizards!

For those of you really wanting to pick strong passwords that can't be guessed I recommend using a mix of letters and numbers and symbols and keeping your passwords in a password program like LastPass. That way you can make super sneaky and hard to guess passwords and you can pick a new one for every site that you use. That keeps the bad guys from using one password to get into all your online accounts.

Thanks to all those that made this fun!

See you around the spiral...

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friendship Festival Winners Announced Soon

Life is always a bit exciting even at holiday time. I found out just how exciting it can be with a surgery for my eye that was unexpected.  Yikes! Phobia #2 now confronted! I'm recovering well and looking forward to sending out congratulations to the winners of the Friendship Festival entrants.

I hope you had fun guessing the password!  Sorry I didn't have time to drop some hints during the contest. I look forward to seeing how creative you all were with your guesses.

I'm working with a group of awesome people to ramp up the blog going forward. I'll be stepping back a bit while I recover.  I hope to introduce the new team by the end of the week. If any of you want to audition, now would be a great time to join a group of friends who have reached the heights of wizarding... drop me a line via comments.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Friendship Festival Contest

The friendship festival has come around again and of course the contest that goes with it! And what is a friend if not a pet? (Thanks Ashley Stalker for the great art)

We are giving away prizes that include a Wizard101 pet and a Pirate101 pet.
3rd Place Codes for = 1000 Crowns + a Cupig + Friendship Grouper
2nd Place Prize Codes = 5000 Crowns + Lovely Ladybug + Huggle Hoggle
1st Place Prize Codes = 10000 Crowns + Lovely Leopard + Bunny Hug

**** Here's the your quest if you choose to accept it! ****
I created a new email account for the contest: icewizardsrule @ gmail . com  I want you to think like a hacker and guess my password!!!!  Every day between now and Feb 13th 5pm MST, you can post to the blog your guess at what my email password is. I will pick the nearest entries with the most matching characters and or words.  I can tell you that the password is 11 characters long!

When you post, respond to this post and include your wizard name, an email address that is safe for me to send the prizes to (if you are a younger wiz you will want to use a parent's email address... that's fine!) And of course don't forget to include your guess.

So your post should look something like: 
My guess- nottheright
My WizardName is- Valerian NightBringer
My email is -

Happy guessing :D