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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Friendship Festival Contest

The friendship festival has come around again and of course the contest that goes with it! And what is a friend if not a pet? (Thanks Ashley Stalker for the great art)

We are giving away prizes that include a Wizard101 pet and a Pirate101 pet.
3rd Place Codes for = 1000 Crowns + a Cupig + Friendship Grouper
2nd Place Prize Codes = 5000 Crowns + Lovely Ladybug + Huggle Hoggle
1st Place Prize Codes = 10000 Crowns + Lovely Leopard + Bunny Hug

**** Here's the your quest if you choose to accept it! ****
I created a new email account for the contest: icewizardsrule @ gmail . com  I want you to think like a hacker and guess my password!!!!  Every day between now and Feb 13th 5pm MST, you can post to the blog your guess at what my email password is. I will pick the nearest entries with the most matching characters and or words.  I can tell you that the password is 11 characters long!

When you post, respond to this post and include your wizard name, an email address that is safe for me to send the prizes to (if you are a younger wiz you will want to use a parent's email address... that's fine!) And of course don't forget to include your guess.

So your post should look something like: 
My guess- nottheright
My WizardName is- Valerian NightBringer
My email is -

Happy guessing :D