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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friendship Festival Contest Wrap-Up

The Friendship Festival ended in epic style with one contestant (Ashley Fairyfriend) guessing all but one character of the password!  The real password for the contest was NiceIceBaby. But we also had some really close ones and some really sneaky guesses so I changed my password really fast!

A lot of you guessed minor variations on icywizrocks which I think is a pretty fine password but now I'm for sure not going to pick that one!
Some of my favorites were:
notherright (now that's thinking like a hacker),
nosferrabbit (this one is going on my list of potential passwords), friendship (a shared vibe I think),
valeiceninja (might have used this if I had thought of it first).

Special shout outs for good guesses were: Blaze TitanFist, Justin DragonMask, Thomas Silvervault, Lucas Dragonslinger and Tyler Myththief.

For everyone that participated THANK YOU! And how cool is that? Putting our heads together we can crack anything!  Good work Wizards!

For those of you really wanting to pick strong passwords that can't be guessed I recommend using a mix of letters and numbers and symbols and keeping your passwords in a password program like LastPass. That way you can make super sneaky and hard to guess passwords and you can pick a new one for every site that you use. That keeps the bad guys from using one password to get into all your online accounts.

Thanks to all those that made this fun!

See you around the spiral...

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