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Friday, August 31, 2018

10 years of magic

Wizard101 is 10 years old! Join in on the celebration by redeeming some gifts for yourself by logging into with your wizard account and click the "Join the Party" button and "redeem code" button near the bottom of the page. (see below)

You get some hoard packs, a 7 day tiger mount, sparkler wand, Gobbler cake, Origami crane pet, statue and birthday gazebo, and of course the ever handy confetti cannon.

Redeem the code if you haven't already and check out the new updates if you have been offline for a while. (like me) The new graphics are making things look even more awesome than ever.

It's a major milestone for a video game to last as long as Wizard has. I believe the reason is that KingIsle keeps listening to their users and building in all kinds of requested features and new concepts. The worlds keep growing, and despite a brief plateau at 50, Wizards are becoming downright ancient and amazingly powerful now. Of course KI has stayed true to the game being geared toward young players while making the game fun and engaging and complex enough to captivate older generations too!

Jump in on the fun,

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