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Friday, October 31, 2014

Another New Image from Wizard101

This one looks more like a gothic cathedral.  The high arches and towers makes this look like a haunted world... maybe even Morganthe's stomping grounds.  I love the Halloween vibe though.  Any ideas about it?


Thursday, October 30, 2014

A new mystery from KingIsle

Hints at what our friends are working on is contained in the following pictures...

Also check out KI social media (Facebook and Twitter) for more clues!

To me this seems to have a bit of an oriental feel to it but the weapons look a bit alien.  The building below looks like it could be from the ancient city of Ankar Wot or Maybe from early China or Indonesia?  

Comment with you ideas.


Halloween Contest Winners

Thanks for all the awesome entries. Here are the winners in random order.  I got the prizes sent out tonight so watch your email. Check out these cool pictures. 


khemraj ramdeo 

chat & games 

Legend Star 

Marissa Dragon Tail - Alina Kierzun

Samantha Nighttail (Aleksandra)

Patrick   Sour Pie 

Ted Lau 

Brandon OwlSword (Daniel)

Maryam Matta 

Stephanie Cordery 

Destiny Wizard 


Blaze FireSmith

Chase Frostslinger 

Patiphan Arsanam

James Catcher

Keira Unicorn 

Tanniym Derya 

Vanessa Stormriver 

Victoria Ice 

Alexandra Iceheart 

Alyssa Stormcloud 

 Julia Rey 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Contest is Closed

The Wizard101 Halloween contest has come to an end and we are getting ready for the day itself.  Prizes will go out soon.

We are setting up for a great Halloween party on Wizard so if you have some time on the 31st in the evening get ready for instructions on how to join the get-together...


Check out some of the cool entries from the previous contests.

I love this beta fish party

Awww, cute!

Try as I might I couldn't rotate this image without it getting rotated back when uploading it.  These Wyverns look a little protective of their eggs.

Love anime style

Portal party it looks like...

What can I say... to this?

Cool effects on this winged wiz

This fish looks a like a FLT (fish lettuce and tomato)

No mistaking the catfish

This brings me back to the 80s in a bad way. lol

 This bonefish swam into our hearts
 What did the storm-fox say?

 This goldfish is almost too cute.

This beta fish is blowing kisses

Forget Alaska, I'm thinking Grizzleheim!  This banner would get me to go fishing there!

This evil pollution bottle is trying to stop fishing around the spiral.

Wish I was gone fishing!

Krock pet chillin in the desert.

A swim in the flowers?

Ice wizards do rule :) lol

This fish looks very scary.

Fishing with love on the line works better than ice lures.

This fish is very dramatic

Instead of a Marlin we have a Merlin to catch

This fishing angel wizard is looking very solitary

This guy needs some serious help with the un-shrink ray

Talk about spooky

I wonder if he eats Ratatoille?

Yeah, the raft doesn't quite cut it these days...

Never bother white tigers when they're on a date

These buddies are inseparable

Kick em to the curb unless they look like McSwagger

You can't handle the cuteness

Ninja clan 'piggie' is about to take over the world

This guy makes me feel happy and scared at the same time

I need this as an emoji

It's hard to beat skeletal pirate for Halloween pet

Ice wizards rule :)

More to come...