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Friday, November 12, 2010

Locations of Lounge Lizards in Wizard101 Celestia

You've probably been wondering where to find the wizard101 lounge lizards are.  See the following maps for their location.  Zoom in to see the green triangle that shows the wizard's location and check out the surroundings to help you locate them.

Click these pictures to make them bigger so you can see where the lizards are in relation to the map.
Survey Camp Lizard

 District of the Stars Lizard
The Stellarium Lizard
                                                          Celestia Base Camp Lizard
                                                                 Stormriven Hall Lizard
The Grotto
Crustacean Empire

Stormriven Lizard

The Portico

And the Science Center lizard


Unknown said...

um where are you exactly standing next to? like an object or something? i need some help finding them, maps arent my thing :P

Unknown said...

I found a very cool page that has all the lizards at. I found them all with the help from that. I will post it up at my blog:

Anonymous said...


Guy said...

Very helpful thank you

Anonymous said...

you forgot the science center!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this was a very helpful guide.

Anonymous said...

Great list thanks for the help. What, no song from th Smiths forthe playlist?

Anonymous said...

where is the portico

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. Helped a lot.