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Friday, November 26, 2010

Pet Leveling the Economic Way....

Glowing star fruit is best food for the buck!

I am always looking for a REAL DEAL when leveling my pets. I am one of the many wizards who due to the economy is forced to level my pets the economic way. I farm for items to sell, then use the gold I have earned to buy food for my pet or pets that I am working on. Some foods are very expensive for a max of 6 points such as - cracker jacks cereal, or the medium pretzel which offer 6 points per game and costs 2250 in gold. I have found that the Glowing Star Fruit is around 350 to 450 in gold and offers 6 points per game if your pet doesn't like it and even more in points if it likes or loves it.

You probably wonder why I would choose to share such valuble information? Well, I figure if it helps one pet reach it's potential it is a good thing.... Or by me sharing this information someone may have something just as valuble to share that we may benefit from as well.

For a pet to reach epic it is 1000 points. Take this and use some math you find the following to be true:

Games give an average of 4 points per game then add food points and get a total of advancement...

1000 divided by 10 = 100 games

(100 games times 450.00 in gold = 45,000 in gold)

vs a higher price food

(100 games times 2250 in gold = 225,000 in gold)

- 45,000
180,000 saved ;-) = ( a whole lot of savings when you have to farm for gold)

Please note that this outcome is based on doing well at the games.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I took a little trip somewhere today.  And let's say I was surprised.  Ryan tipped me off to this amazing new discovery.

Check it out!

 What kinda plants are those?
 Plants have feelers too?
 I want to PLANT dandilions?  I just barely got them all out.
 This new hobby is spellbinding...

Boss Challenge

I got a challenge to fight all the big bosses of Celestia and Video it.  It's not often I get such a bold challenge but I am curious to find out if it's possible.  In answer to the challenge I'll do some experimenting while I work on getting my level 58 gear.  If it's looking good I'll fire up the video capture.  If any of you beat me to it I'll be happy to link to your video.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Check out KingIsle Free Games

I love having my wizblox game to earn cool stuff for Wizard101.  Now those of you iphone-less Wizards can now enjoy the same perks. 

Play minigames on our website and earn codes to give you items and gold in Wizard101. Visit our new sister site!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Locations of Lounge Lizards in Wizard101 Celestia

You've probably been wondering where to find the wizard101 lounge lizards are.  See the following maps for their location.  Zoom in to see the green triangle that shows the wizard's location and check out the surroundings to help you locate them.

Click these pictures to make them bigger so you can see where the lizards are in relation to the map.
Survey Camp Lizard

 District of the Stars Lizard
The Stellarium Lizard
                                                          Celestia Base Camp Lizard
                                                                 Stormriven Hall Lizard
The Grotto
Crustacean Empire

Stormriven Lizard

The Portico

And the Science Center lizard

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Caching Major XP in Celestia

I said not-so-jokingly to my friend a couple days ago that I'll be the last person done Wizard101's Celestia.  I've gone back and helped buddies catch up to where I am about 6 times already.  And there is no end in sight for those that I need to help including Cody and Logan and Rowan and and and.   I don't mind being a slow poke through Celestia except for the idea that I want to keep you all informed.  And what becomes of the Grand Master who is eclipsed by the student? 

Well, this Grand Master has a few tricks up his sleeve still...

I went into the big kids part of town to help with the Solarium yesterday as a lowly level 54 to help some of my level 58 buddies finish with their run through Celestia.  And what do you know but it gave me 5 bars of XP in one shot!  Because of a bug in the instance where only one person can pick up the sun disc, we had to go in a second time and what to my wondering eyes should appear but another gazillion XP almost wrapping my XP counter one bar shy of level 56!  To experiment I went in one last time and sadly this time then instance was wise to my - um, shall we say - "experiment." :(  Bummer.  Even still I was sure glad I helped.

Who says being helpful isn't the way to get ahead?

Valerian Nightbringer

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why does work have to interrupt virtual life?

It's been a tough slog in the work department, but never fear... Vale will be back in full swing soon with prizes for the Wizard101 Celestia and followers contest.

Here's a picture that Cody drew that's probably pretty accurate about my current state of affairs.
According to him it's my boss that gets banished into the far reaches of the spiral.  Problem is it's not him that makes me work so hard. I always want to deliver software on time and sometimes it takes some serious mojo to make that happen - even if it means looking like a necromancer.  (I can think of worse!)

Valerian Nightbringer