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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crown based tournaments

The other day I tried out the new crown's based tournament system.  It was the first time back into arena for me after I got behind in Azteca.  The experience was humbling even with a prepared and battle-hardened team mate I got killed and killed and killed. 

If you're going to do well you need to have your best gear mix crafted.  You'll also need to have a good pet either with shields and heal or with tough plus and heal.  (mine only has tough plus at the moment)

You also want to hit fast and hard.  This means hitting with or without blades using either a boosted tough or boosted critical.  Most seem to go for boosted critical it seems.  And everyone I've met in there so far has spammed weakness of one variety or several.  What a pain!

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a time limit on matches and the person that's done the most damage in that time wins.  (who's winning on health doesn't matter)  Ultimately this means you need to hit pretty much constantly.

So it's another style to get used to but you can do it if you plan ahead!  

I'll be setting up the winners for the contest tomorrow so the prizes will be on their way tomorrow night.


p.s. I got a promotion at work!  Woot!  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The first video game band?

I'd hoped to be the first to get a band together but this might be the first to make it on video.  Check out this Youtube...

Congrats guys!

Don't forget to enter the Pet-a-Palooza contest in the post below...

I feel a battle of the bands coming on.  I'll have a contest for the best band if there are enough people that are up for it!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pet a Palooza 2013

Wow this has been a busy month and time is flying by.  I've been prepping a story for the writing League's yearly contest.  I won last year so the pressure is really on to show I'm not just a one hit wonder.  But with that done and mailed off I'm finally relaxing into summer mode.

The summer here has been really cool so far and I like it that way!  I hope you're enjoying time outside with your IRL pets and having fun like I do with my epic Yorkie "Rockwell" or as I like to call him "Little Rock".  Anyway, I don't want you to neglect your in-game pets either.  So now that the month is half over and you've used up all your crowns on the game I am finally ready to drop some new prizes on you!

Yep, 5,000 crowns, 10,000 crowns and Pet codes!

If you're lucky enough to win a pet code you will get
* One Mega Snack Pack 
* One Hatching Elixir
* One Energy Elixir for training your pet
* One Random Pet from the list below

Spider Golem
Ice Salamander
Black Cat
Lucky Leprechaun
Storm Beetle
Death Scarab
Summer Dragon
Fog Unicorn
Ice Elf
Dark Crow
Myth Leprechaun
Snake in a Basket
Fierce Hound

So come back often to enter the contest every day.  The more you enter the more likely you are to win. If you are a young wizard and need help get your parent or a brother or sister to sign in for you.
If lots of you enter I'll post my entry for the writing contest to my blog so you can all laugh and make fun...or complement it like crazy.  Either way I think it might be fun to share a little of what I'm working on like sometimes Rowan shares snippets of her stories. Anyway... take a peek below for the contest entry widget and get started.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Winterbane Gauntlet Bundle

Brooke ShadowWraith has an awesome video showing off the cool features of the Winterbane Gauntlet Bundle (the one with the tower).

Check out her youtube page here: Brooke ShadowWraith Youtube

And don't forget to enter the Pet-a-Palooza contest below.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Winterbane Gauntlet Blitz

So the crew of Valerian's School tried out the new instance tower.  At level 90 it was interesting.

At the start there are a few kind of so so bad guys.  After the first few battles you come to a mid point where you have to mix a recipe and if you don't get it right then the guys attack you and it's a long battle.

 As you move through this very long tower the bad guys get worse and do stuff like attack you if you take their shield off using a steal shield.  (have to use a shield break or Quake)

Finally after about 5 hours you get to this guy.  The fire/ice dragon who, for a fire dragon is really really really resistant to ice.  I pretty much had to let the others do the fighting because hitting him with full blades did almost nothing.

 He's finally moving to the great beyond after some balance spells totally pwn him.

When it was all done I think my backpack must have gotten full because I just got a couple crackers and a housing item.  The rest of the crew got blue dragon pets which seems like a good reason to spend hours and hours fighting.  But it was a good bonding experience with many levels to keep you struggling to set up for a big hit and stay alive.  I highly recommend having healing pets and or keep a good life wiz with you.

 When I have more time I'll go in again for that pet but you can bet I'll do it when it's not already late at night!