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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crown based tournaments

The other day I tried out the new crown's based tournament system.  It was the first time back into arena for me after I got behind in Azteca.  The experience was humbling even with a prepared and battle-hardened team mate I got killed and killed and killed. 

If you're going to do well you need to have your best gear mix crafted.  You'll also need to have a good pet either with shields and heal or with tough plus and heal.  (mine only has tough plus at the moment)

You also want to hit fast and hard.  This means hitting with or without blades using either a boosted tough or boosted critical.  Most seem to go for boosted critical it seems.  And everyone I've met in there so far has spammed weakness of one variety or several.  What a pain!

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a time limit on matches and the person that's done the most damage in that time wins.  (who's winning on health doesn't matter)  Ultimately this means you need to hit pretty much constantly.

So it's another style to get used to but you can do it if you plan ahead!  

I'll be setting up the winners for the contest tomorrow so the prizes will be on their way tomorrow night.


p.s. I got a promotion at work!  Woot!  


Anonymous said...

contest winners announced, when?
p.s. gratz on the promotion

Anonymous said...

Woah congrats on promotion Vale! Hope it brings more benefits and relax time XD

Llewella Life

Anonymous said...