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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New world scoop update and contest coming this week!

While I was prepping the Music contest I was looking at the Wizard101 login screen and :O I noticed something new.

There was an interesting background image that changes each time you open it.

This looks suspiciously like a new world!  And I've noticed a ton of maintenance which to me screams database changes.  If you're running load balancers and multiple web servers you usually don't need to take servers offline unless you're updating databases because you can shuttle traffic over to the other cluster... but database upgrading is notorious for having to shut everything down otherwise you have people lose data and have unhappy Wizards... So I'm guessing they're upgrading like crazy to get ready for an EPIC new world.  Database changes would seem to indicate an increase in the level cap!  And of course if they raise the level cap that will mean new spells.

Rosie and Angel  and Brandon Waterhunter (youtube) are correct based on what I can find on Pirate101 this would appear to be Aquila.  I wonder if we will see Monquista and the other Pirate101 worlds at some point as well?  See the video below for someone who took the time to outline a new world and bosses kind of like Cody Skyrider did with Azteca.  (see the video at the bottom of the post)



Gladiator-eagle seems kinda Zeus-like with a stormy vibe about him

This guy's armor looks Roman but he is sort of built like Hercules.  But is that a hammer or an axe?

Athena has the symbol of the owl
Kinda stumped on this one looks part Griffin-ish (head of a eagle, wings, part dragon part lion). We're wondering if he's based on Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and was tortured by vultures but it's hard to tell for sure. 

                                                                                                     (Griffin vulture - eek!)

What are your ideas?  Any news we should know about?  (leakers welcome!  shhhh!)

July contest will be up this week so keep checking back for the chance to win awesomeness.

Check out this video by Paul WildHunter recorded 3 months ago... He's either a mind reader or giving the Wiz people some good ideas.  I love seeing how players can influence the games they play.  Keep up the good ideas.


Angel PixieDust said...

It's Aquila, one of Pirate101's newest world may come to Wizard. By the way the Acropolis house from the olympian bundle's PvP arena battle music is the new up coming world' battle muisc, but I'm still puzzled about Morganthe, why learning celestial power to just end azteca got to do with Aquila,one thing I suspect Morganthe is the Greece Myth's Aracane.

Unknown said...

On the pirate101 storyline, you meet the STATUES of these creatures in Aquila. Using this information, The horse is most likely a hippocampi, symbol of Poseidon, and the next could possibly be a female centaur or a sign of Artemis maybe? The Eagle is actually Ares, the god of war. Zeus doesn't have a war helmet on his head, but has a laurel on his head. The one below Ares is Hephaestus, God of Blacksmith, and the owl is Athena. The bird you are unsure of is Hades I think :) I think it might either be Aquila or Empyrea (Empyrea was mentioned in the Wysteria storyline) but I'm leaning on the Empyrea side, just because pirate101 already had Aquila in their storyline. IF Aquila was released, maybe we could actually MEET the gods in person and not in statue form.
You can read more here :D