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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celestia Predictions

If you haven't already sent me your idea for what month, day and time Celestia (the full Celestia) test realm will come out please forward it to me

The winner will get their pick of one item from a list of rockin' prizes :D including pets, swords, and other things to make Celestia a little more enjoyable.

We did get one last entry that I'll put up in a new poll as soon as I collect another group of ideas for the game.  Keep them coming!  (send to the same address above)

Valerian Nightbringer

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Round and Round Quest

After noticing what is given out as a reward for finishing the Round and Round quest in Wizard101 it has me wondering what is the significance of it in terms of Celestia?  Will Celestia require using treasure cards as a matter of course?  I'm rather intrigued.  Do any of you have theories on that?  If so please comment.

Valerian Nightbringer

Monday, September 20, 2010

Selena Gomez Quest Going Live Monday Night

Players level 6 and up... get ready for the Wizard101 Selena Gomez quest.  Yes, It's up to you to save her!  And dance with her if that's your thing.  I personally had to snap some fan pics dancing with her. (just for the sake of the blog)
Look for the new quest "Round & Round" for all Wizards level 6 and up. Talk to Halston Balestrom in Ravenwood to get started.

Every Wizard who completes the quest will be entered into a random drawing for one of these prizes (that's up to 6 entries per account!):

Grand Prize: 1 winner of 1 poster signed by Selena Gomez

1st Prize: 25 winners of 1 Wizard101 Swift Shark Mount each

2nd Prize: 100 winners of 2500 Crowns

All you need to do to enter is to complete the entire Selena Gomez quest on the Live Realm. This contest will end when the Quests are removed from the game or at such time that we announce the closure of the quest. Deleted characters don't count, and completion must be on the Live realm, not the Test Realm.

Happy rescuing,
Valerian Nightbringer

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Glitch Parade

I just came off of 48 hours with only 1 hour of sleep.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be paying the rent but sometimes a wiz just needs to blog!  Maybe it's because I'm tired or just plain crazy at this point, (I'm leaning toward crazy) but I might be gearing up for a glitch picture contest again.  I'll check my mood tomorrow.  For now, enjoy these epic, and not-so-epic glitches in Wizard101.

Good thing I'm not afraid of snakes!
Flying pet?!  I love it!

Flying wizards are even more fun.

Not Lucy in the sky, but Cody...

Go-Go-Gadget Hat!

Sometimes I really get into books.

Running so fast that my feathers sprouted feathers.

I've heard of putting your foot in your mouth, but a broom?

Now that's deep snow.

My horse wins the rodeo.

Cyrus a equips his horse to show he's down with the mount thing.

Can you count all the things that are wrong with this scene?

I knew Valerian said he had an epic colossus but I never believed it until now.

Enjoy!  Send me some fun ones.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aztec world

By Cody Skyrider:

When someone copied my idea on Central, it made me want to get some of the details out so that the Wizard101 people could get an idea of what the world is that I though up. So here it is.

Trapped! 3000 XP
Talk to aztec kingKing: We are in Great distress young wizard! Monster plants have been eating our soldiers, Please help! Goal: Defeat 5 Trap-Dragons

Now talk to king.
King: Oh Thank you so much young mage! Knowing our soldiers are safe is High priorty in our kingdom.

Prize: 400 Gold, And starter gear for the world.

Ra! 3500 XP
King: The mighty sun beasts Have beatrayed us! They are destroying everything!

Goal: Defeat 10 Of Ra's servants

King: Wow young wizard I saw you beat the Trap dragons but did not know you were capable of this!

Prizes: Special ring, 1000 Gold

Crickey! 1500 XP
King: We have heard rumors of mounstorous creatures Lurking in our swamps. Go talk to some villagers that live there.

Goal: Talk to 5 villagers
Last villager: I have seen these beasts Half man half Gator they are Creatures of destruction.

New goal: Talk to the king.
Narator: You go to thing king and tell him what the villagers told you.

King: We must do something about this! Go meet my general Down by the swamp he will tell you what to do.

Prize: 1000 Gold.

See ya later aligator! 3500 XP
General: We must stop these beasts but they are fast. I have one Agility potion left. It will only last for one hour so be fast!

Nararator: You pour the potion down your throat. Your feet tingle but then feel normal.

Goal: Deffeat 5 Humagators
Prizes: Special athmae, 1000 Gold

Essay 1000 XP
General: Go tell the king of our sucess and i will report back to my post.Goal: Talk to the king.
King: Wow thank you young wizard!

Prizes: 300 Gold.

I'll post the rest later. What do you think?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Celestia Release Contest

While Wizard101's Celestia wasn't officially released yet,   we did have someone who NAILED the release of the test realm (with Celstia related quests) to the date and almost to the hour  *** Tara Wildflower ***

I'll be awarding her a specific prize but the main contest with the prizes announced previously still continues with the closest guess to the full Celestia release getting their choice of one of the previously mentioned prizes.  So if you havent't sent in your guess... please do!

Valerian Nightbringer

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Celestia Preview and Selina Gomez

The test realm is up again with a sneak peek of Celestia.  This is part of the "Meet Selina Gomez" promotional so fire up the test realm and get going!  (log into the wizard101 web site, click the red ribbon close to the top right of the screen and then scroll down to find the download link)

See Halston Balestrom to start your quest and use the quest tracker.  As your quest progresses you may find the scarlet screamers are invisible (as they were for me) jump in where the quest tracker tells you they are anyway and fight them until you get what you need.

I logged into the test realm early on and got some pictures from my adventures.  Mostly I was blown away by the crowds of people and was having a hard time finding the various items in the storm school because there were so many people so I just ran into each group and pushed X and found my way by trial and error.

Check out where the Triton Avenue river dumps you!  Into a cool water world where you can swim, or fly (as the case is for me in the picture) and fight some awesome new enemies!  I won't spoil it for you.  But please do go check it out and be sure to help Selina Gomez whether you're crushing on her or not.  There are worse things to do in the spiral.

I suspect Cody and Logan were probably the first on the scene to help out.  They are big fans of Wizard101, Wizards of Waverly Place, and well, Selena... that goes without saying.

Get out there and kick some underwater enemy booty.

Valerian Nightbringer


Woot ITS HERE AGAIN! time to find the celestian crab alley... MORE coming soon!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New spells!

Post by Cody Skyrider (Scoop Writer)

Myth and balance are my guess.

Selena gomez!

Selena Gomez & The Scene here - I need your help in Wizard101! In late September, Halston Balestromwill have the quest "Round & Round"for all Wizards level 6 or higher. Watch this video to hear about the quest and my new album "A Year Without Rain" featuring the songs Round & Round and A Year Without Rain available everywhere Sept. 21st. Be sure to check out the YouTube and iTunes links below, and enter the contest to win a poster signed by me! See you in the Spiral

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Coolest Almost Spells

The coolest "almost" spells in Wizard101

 Distract / Taunt

This spell could be the most awesome spell in arena.  It seems to work randomly, or sometimes not at all in street battles but this spell could be one of the coolest in arena if it took the focus of an opponents spell and put it on you.  This way if you were shielded or had more health you could sacrifice yourself for your buddy.


This spell doesn't currently work but if it did it would rock!  Cloak can "hide" a blade or a shield and make it look like a star shaped item.  The idea behind it is that you can't tell what's under it.  Currently you can apply cloak to something and use it and you get the star but it does nothing.  It's as if the battle engine doesn't know what to do with the item and so it does nothing.

 May cast X blade

This is a pet skill that allows it to cast a blade now and then during battle.  The only problem is it never does...  If this worked it would awesomely sweet.

 Crafted bladestorm

Crafted bladestorm blades appear to be ready to go but when you cast them they drop to your feet.  We all hope this one is fixed soon as bladestorm blades are mucho helpful.

Any others to add to this list?
Valerian Nightbringer

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wizard101 B day, My B day & new celestia news!

Scoop by, Cody scoopwriter.

PLANO, TEXAS (September 2, 2010) – Since its launch in September 2008, KingsIsle

Entertainment’s flagship game Wizard101 has become one of the most popular online destinations for family entertainment. Over the last two years Wizard101 has received critical acclaim as one of the best massively-multiplayer games on the market. Millions of players have discovered the mysteries of the Spiral, explored hundreds of hours of epic storyline, and joined to create a vibrant player community.

“When we launched Wizard101 two years ago, the team knew we had something very special on our hands,” said Elie Akilian, chairman and CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “However, we believe that the success we’ve seen, while extraordinary, is just the beginning. The number of talented professionals working to bring great new content and capabilities to Wizard101 continues to grow. For everyone who loves and plays this game, it will just keep getting better.”

In early Fall, the next chapter in the Wizard101 story will begin with the introduction of the world of Celestia, the game’s largest and most ambitious expansion to date. In Celestia, Wizards will achieve new heights of power as they progress to level 60, discover extraordinary new spells, venture beneath the ocean and learn the deepest secrets of long-forgotten magic. To promote the launch of the new world, later this month KingsIsle will launch a quest featuring one of the hottest teen icons on the planet. The quest, which will introduce players to new underwater environments and preview features of the upcoming Celestia expansion, will be available to all players in the game.

“Wizard101 raced past the 10-million player mark in June and continues to grow every day,” said J. Todd Coleman, vice president and creative director of Wizard101. “This is an amazing time for KingsIsle, as Wizard101 seems to have hit a tipping point. With the upcoming launch of Celestia, the future looks incredibly exciting.” In Wizard101, kids and families enter the magical world of Wizard City as student Wizards setting out to hone their skills, cast spells and summon powerful creatures to fight evil forces. The characters and worlds of Wizard101 are influenced by literature, history and pop culture, giving the game a depth and quality appreciated by families and players of all ages. Wizard101 can be downloaded at

Players seeking access to premium areas and items may purchase pre-paid cards in participating stores or purchase a subscription or Crowns online. New worlds, activities, pets and Wizard clothing are periodically added to the game, creating an ever-changing world with new things to see and do.About KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.KingsIsle Entertainment is a developer and publisher that specializes in creating high-quality massively multiplayer online games which provide entertainment for the entire family. Wizard101, KingsIsle’s flagship property, has received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Seal of Approval in 2009 and has been recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards. Wizard101 was named the #1 Best Family/All Age Game by Beckett Massive Gamer Magazine, and the #1 Best Family Game by for 2009. The company’s experienced and creative team is raising the bar in online entertainment by offering products with rich storylines, friendly navigation, top-quality art and fully-voiced characters. KingsIsle is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has a development studio in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit and Wizard101 are trademarks or registered trademarks of KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

My guess is celestia will be realeased early/mid october. And Gratz wizard for your 2nd year.
Sept 1st was my B day to!

I hope the new quest refrences astral magic, as it is available to all players.  Its probablly a teaser to celestia, Not quite as much info as the real pre quests is my guess.

Tell me what you think!