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Friday, June 24, 2016

Updated: Code Giveaway for Summer Wizard Art!

 It's officially summer and that means... codes???


Enter to win: (many will enter and only a few can win)

Astral Unicorn mount + 10K Crowns
Astral Unicorn mount
5K Crowns

Submit your epic art through email by July 16th along with your name, Wizard name and your actual email address or parent's email address.

Prepare your Wizard drawings for summer and send along a fun summer themed Wizard picture drawn by your real life wizard self.

I'll be vacationing in Canada for the next two weeks and will be enjoying time with family.  I want to have some time to write and to draw.  I hope you will also find some things about summer that inspire you to create some great art.

The email account has been expanded to handle all the tons of entries... so if you have had a problem submitting please try again.
Send your entry to:

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Witch Hunter Package

The Witch Hunter card package is amazing. Possibly my favorite of all so far!

Without being too verbose about it I'm going to show you the awesomeness.

First of all... Gear
Level 1 Hat Coat and Boots

Level 60 Gear begins to get Critical attribute on the hat

At level 110 the gear has decent crit on the hat (I've seen better) but reasonable shadow pips...

 Here's the level of gear I got for my Death wiz... Shadow pips are the main thing here that my guy is missing currently. Tough plus for Death on this gear is weaker than normal stuff you'll find tailor-made for a Death wiz. As far as Crit goes it's also good but not amazing.  Since Death was built to be a weak hitter and it's gear that really revs up the power of Death hits, this gear probably won't be my boss-fighting gear but I'm for sure going to stitch this at a minimum!

Here's the level 1 wand strike. You've gotta love the +4% tough! No cap on the wizard level for this!

Then there's the tier 2 where you start to get pips for Level 10 and up Wiz.

Critical and 8% tough plus for level 50!  Man I wish I had this for questing so long ago...

Now this is more like it! Level 110 Wiz get all the cool stuff! 5% shield break! 12% tough plus! and we have our power-pip of course.

A side view of the epic car mount that comes with this package.  I so so love this mount! It may be the last that I use given how fast it is and how stylish.

The HOUSE complete with a bridge!

Ichabod Crane would be jealous! But there's no pumpkin-slinging bad guy on a horse here... (not yet anyway)

Creepy iron gates and a dueling area round out the necessities in this home away from home...

The ghost du-jour. Don't you need a ghost for your house? I could certainly do worse!

No Witch Hunter house is complete without a how do you say ... grave stone thingy.

Here's a nice Gazebo perfect for sitting out on summer evenings and parties etc.

A creepy statue that turns toward you from whichever direction you look.

A swamp with a dock.  You can ride around in the water too... and see the fish.

 The house looks awesome!  They don't do stained glass like that any more!

I love the vaulted ceilings and columns.

Green glowing lights is a nice touch. It also looks like some whisps of fog swirling around the window areas.

This looks like secret passage to me!

It is!!

I store all the books about my exploits here... in the Library.

If you're willing to climb a ladder for a book you must really love reading! I think I'll send my pet instead.

And there's an awesome organ that you can play and work on your "mad scientist" vibe.

Here's a great picture of the car from the side! It's hard to see in the picture but there are flames coming from the exhaust pipes.

A nice front view of the car. Look! you even have spikes so you can try unsuccessfully to spike people's tires whom you're racing with. Of course it's the thought that counts...  Now and then the car revs up and the valves open on the super-charger.  The car is fast. I've heard claims that it's 50% faster than regular mounts but I'd clock it at maybe 40% faster but that's still great! I like getting things done quickly and this car will having you burning rubber all around the spiral.

I'll show you a few more pictures from the package generally and of the pet as he gains some talents.

I hope you get a chance to try out this amazing bundle.