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Friday, June 24, 2016

Updated: Code Giveaway for Summer Wizard Art!

 It's officially summer and that means... codes???


Enter to win: (many will enter and only a few can win)

Astral Unicorn mount + 10K Crowns
Astral Unicorn mount
5K Crowns

Submit your epic art through email by July 16th along with your name, Wizard name and your actual email address or parent's email address.

Prepare your Wizard drawings for summer and send along a fun summer themed Wizard picture drawn by your real life wizard self.

I'll be vacationing in Canada for the next two weeks and will be enjoying time with family.  I want to have some time to write and to draw.  I hope you will also find some things about summer that inspire you to create some great art.

The email account has been expanded to handle all the tons of entries... so if you have had a problem submitting please try again.
Send your entry to:

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