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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Test Realm and Dinotopia Card available soon

Check out test realm for a brave new world of dinosuar-y fun.  I understand that pet snacks have been removed so I won't be able to train my new pets to see if they are worthwhile or not.  (sad :( )

There is a new card pack that will be available for $29 at Gamestop that has new cave-man fire gear and a pterydactyl 2-seater mount and a storm pet.   And it comes with a tree-house to put in your house (not a house thats' a tree)  The tree house has dino-eggs at the top that give you free stuff each day.

So far I'm LOVING the new mount!!  It alone is probably worth the price of the card.  It's huge and flies quite high off the ground which I like.  Here are the card items.

*** Also, don't forget to enter the crowns contest in the post below.  To enter you will have to have javascript enabled or the contest widget won't work ***

1 comment:

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Looks epic Vale! I wil for sure have to get my hands on one of those xD

Happy Halloween!