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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Leveling up fast

Weekly Idea Contest

First:  Our weekly winner is the idea of a bank that earns interest.  I'll be giving some codes for a reward on that idea but we'll advance the top 3 ideas to the next round.

Leveling Up Fast 

One of our readers asked a question about how you get from level 1 to 50.  There's a lot in that question but I'll channel my inner Confucius and give you a wise answer.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Switching hats to "guru" style. Picturing myself on top of a mountain sitting on a rock...

"You start at the beginning and go to the end."

Both answers are right.  You just start and keep going.  You'll find the quests time consuming but fun.  You start in wizard city and gain experience enough to handle the bigger quests.  The quest NPC people will lead you through what you need to accomplish.  You can skip side quests (if you don't talk to any NPC characters you're not told to speak to). 

But probably the best secret to leveling up is making good friends.  And by good friends I mean people who are willing to accept you as a friend not right away (danger Will Robinson) but someone who accepts you as a friend after you get to know them for a little bit.  I'll leave that part up to you.  Just be courteous and helpful and if someone is taking advantage of you as in you help them but they never help you... that's not a good friend.  A good friend or several will help you blaze through your quests and become a grand wizard in no time.

BTW. WOOT to Sorcerer's Apprentice the movie.  One scene from the original story with the mops going crazy was given homage in something halfway between the original story and a Disney-eque version.  After a minute you forget that silliness and enjoy the adventure and interesting story line.

Valerian Nightbringer
To those that try to redeem the old codes: they're not supported by wizard101 any more :(  I'd send along new ones if new ones existed.


Layla Wolf said...

Hi - I know it may sound a silly question, but how do I recieve the codes (for the bank idea)?

Blaze Deathcaster said...

Working on my second wizard in Mooshu last night, I needed to defeat a BUNCH of infected villagers. I switched to a busier realm and within minutes, four of us were chatting and racking up villagers faster than you can say Mooshu. Best of all, as each wizard finished what they needed, they stayed to keep helping the others get as many as they needed. It was a nice way to get through the quest easily and the comradary of four wizards on the same quest made for another great experience in The Spiral.

Blaze Deathcaster (Level 50 Death)
Blaze Windrunner (Level 39 Storm)

Vale said...

Gallifreyan Witch: send an email to inetsuperman at and I'll send you the codes by email :)