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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Second School for a Fire Wizard

Your choice for a second school on Wizard101 is a tough one.  It often depends on your personal style and what you want to do.  Do you want to arena or are you just interested in questing strength for the game in general?

It is extremely common for nearly all wizards to learn ice up to tower shield.  The reason for this is 1) a defense against balance and all schools by means of the tower shield  2) defense against storm and fire 3) arena ability.

If you're looking for non-school hits I'd recommend learning as a second school anything that uses your balance blade.  For fire the balance blade is "elemental blade" and it contains a  ice, fire and storm blade.  If your second school uses one of these blades you can hit harder.  So for you this would mean probably learning either storm, or ice as your second school.  The downside of these two choices is that many people throw these kind of shields first.  If you're going for this, your two most obvious choices, storm or ice, ice is the least fizzly but storm hits harder on lower pips.

But for arena you're going to want a mixture of second schools with hit-setup, shields and healing because you'll be hitting with your school spells.

For my Ice wiz I went with Myth for early questing (humongofrog came in handy for low level questing).  Then I changed to Ice/Death, then tried Ice/Storm for a while but when I became a grand and started doing arena I got Ice/Death/Life and up to shields in all the others.  And for 4v4 arena I ONLY pack ice spells period.

But my general advice is that your needs will change with time and so save some crowns to buy back your points.  Also you'll find your needs change based on experience also as you get better and better at using your  school spells efficiently.  As your wiz get's older go for shields, healing and hitting setup.  So Death is almost always on the menu as is Life.

Any rockin' fire wizards out there want to put in your two cents?

Valerian Nightbringer 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm a fire wizard and I must say I disagree that one of your secondary schools should be storm or ice purely because elemental blade has blades for those schools. As you progress in levels, secondary schools become less and less useful for damage. Storm is a terrible choice for a fire wizard. When you become a grandmaster fire wizard, you are never going to use stormzilla. In order to do so you would have to spend five rounds waiting to use a spell that would do less damage then a bladed helephant. Trust me, its not a good thing.

Instead, one of the best schools for a fire wizard to take- at least up to a point- is death. There is one reason why. Feint. A 70% boost in ABSOLUTELY NEEDED for classes that focus on damage, such as fire. If your a fire wizard without feint, then your a mediocre fire wizard. Thats just the truth of it.

Besides death, life and ice are good. My suggestion for the secondary schools of fire would be this:

Death: Get spells up to feint.

Ice: Get spells up to tower shield.

Life: Get spells up to sprite.

Balance: Elemental Blades
Elemental Traps

That is pretty much the winning formula for Fire and Storm. If you are a fire wizard, then you should use this set up. If you don't like the idea of using an ice spell, then you should use the extra training points to get satyr, and maybe infection if you want to do PvP.

Anyways, those are my suggestions. Feel free to use them.

Keep on Blogging!

-Jacob Soulshard