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Friday, July 2, 2010

Wizard101 on MAC? O:

Check out Crossover Games $39.95 buys you a program capable of running many PC games on your Mac. 
The implementation of Wizard gets a silver medal which means that it runs well enough to do most things but has some glitches still.  See screenshots here: Wiz Running on Mac

Thanks again to Cody for the soop!

Maybe you'll see Rowan Watertamer on the game more often.

Valerian Nightbringer


M.W.S said...

That's great!

Jacob GoldGrove said...

Hey Valerian I got a new spell idea called fire bolt and here's what it does it does 95 damage at first then for three rounds it damages you by 50 damage per pip. It's a fire spell for fire wizards only. Pass it on.