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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gurtok death ring and athame

I've had different reports on whether or not the balance and death athames and rings were only 10% power pips previously.  I'm getting reports from others that this has always been the case.  I could have sworn that they were 15% but death and balance do get other high pip gear so maybe not.  I assumed it was an adjustment for Celestia.  I'd be curious to see if this pattern repeats itself for other gear.  I've been seeing a lot more white pips and a lot more fizzles lately.  Could we be seeting an overall stat thunk like J. Todd referred to in his Massively article?

I like Cody Skyriders idea of having mega and super pips.  These would be similar to the random helping trigger (procing) that activate your pet's skill from time to time but affect your pips and therefore your overall casting power.

Let me know if you see any stat changes.

Valerian Nightbringer


shadowfist said...

The Gurtok Death accessories (which I've had for well over a year) have always been just a 10% powerpip boost. The stats on the Gurtok rings and athames do vary a bit from school to school, but haven't changed that I have seen.

Anonymous said...

Last time i checked death ring and athame were always 10% power pip chance.

AW said...

MiltonTS on Central made a thread about it.

Apparently, the balance, life, and death Gurtok rings are all 10%