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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some emails arriving... more to go out!

I sent some lucky winners emails and will be sending many many more over the next day so don't stress if you didn't get an email yet!

I can't wait!!!


P.S.  Ever notice on grub guardian that if you put lots of death guys around (even level 1 guys) that they will often randomly kill off even huge bad guys with lots of health that try to steal your pet's food?  I noticed that on the Floating Land level.  It was the only way I could kill off the big kraken guys.  I put about 20 of those level 1 death guys around and leveled one of them to a scarecrow and had a storm guy leveled to Storm Lord and a myth leveled to Medusa and two ice guys to slow them all down.  It worked great!  I've tried pretty much every other combination all ending in epic fails.

1 comment:

Paige Dreamcloud said...

Congrats that is quite the accomplishment. The furthest I've gotten in GG is one of the first maps that are opened to play as soon as you sign up. I've attempted further but its always disastrous. So in order to save my sanity (and my computer) I decided it was best for me to stick with what I know...or CAN do :D