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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pre Update Deals

It's been a way busy week!  Family was visiting and things have been crazy.  As usual I've been trying to get everyone I know to join Wizard.  If you've been watching the posts on the game startup screen you may have seen these tempting offers for new and existing members.  I think it's worth mentioning again in case you are on the fence.  Subscribers get some cool perks!

A special deal is available for Wizard101 membership with bonus crowns.  Auto renew memberships are more economical and will continue to renew at the sale price.  So if you've been toying with the idea of getting a membership now would be a good time.

Also of note is: the white horse, purple glider and faithful dragoness mounts are going away soon.  If you like any of these mounts you may want to grab one before they're gone.

And it seems as though the epic bundle card is still available at Gamestop (talk about a sweet deal).

See you on the game,
Valerian Nightbringer


ali cross said...

Nice! Any perks for those of us who are already subscribers?

Unknown said...

The epic bundle card is still around? My friend is so unlucky then, she looked for it and everytime she did. The store said new stock next week :P The next day she went back after buying a $20 one, they had it.

Vale said...

Nope, seems like us subscribers just get to keep whatever deal we have going.

Yes! the epic bundle is still being sold in Gamestop stores. Keep checking back. Usually you can call and they will let you know if they're in.