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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sad Fate of Frost Cat

This cute little guy was available for a short time with a dragonblade and a balance blade.  No sooner did I hear about this awesome tip but that there were already update notes saying that they were about to adjust him.  This means that all the people that did hear about him and bought him for the very reason that he had two blades would be out of luck after the adjustment.

For those of you who got this COOL pet when it had the fully awesome setup, I feel bad.  There will be a lot fewer cats following wizards around after the change I'm sure.

stay frosty!

Valerian Nightbringer


Unknown said...

They are just adjusting the frost cat right? I got this storm cat not sure if its gonna be affected hope not :)

Unknown said...

Something is wrong with the game, the ice elf turns all red, and caps are gone????

Vale said...

yep, only frost cat.

not really sure why the colors are going crazy on ice elf. i need to get a pic of that!

Unknown said...

Lol sure thing ;) send u later then.

Unknown said...

Why doesnt text chat users have Caps anymore?? Tons of my friends (Text chat) are complaining to me :P