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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New World on the Way

You heard it here first last folks!  Well, we did our best at divining the future using our Wizard101 connections.  Considering Cody "scoup-writer" is awol at the moment we had to resort to the old fashioned way of finding out. 

Here is the deal

The new world will be called Wintertusk and it's a completion of the Grizzleheim world and adventure line.  Wintertusk will have new areas for both high and low level wizards.

The update will have:
• New spells!

• Class related pets for Level 58 (each primary School)

• An underwater area for lower level characters. The underwater area will continue the story of the Crab King.

"Many additional surprises (we are saving some of the best details to reveal at a later date)."

We'll try to let you know as soon as we find out more.
Valerian Nightbringer


Unknown said...

Awesome! I wonder what new spells they are going to have. :) Are they gonna have higher levels?????

Unknown said...

Is it okay If i post this up on my blog using a link?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nessa,
Sure. You can use the link and use the graphic too.

Also about the email address. I'd guess it's been shut down. Maybe it was linked to spamming?

As far as higher levels... I think we're still going to be at the 60 level but with some new spells and pets. (I think)

Unknown said...