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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wizard101 Mount Contest Mount Contest!

Wizard101 went crazy and gave us 15 chessnut ponies to give away!!!  It almost makes me think my poll should have a category for some kinda mount-related update.  Because of the bonus ponies, we are expanding our contest thanks to the generosity of Wizard101 to include 15 Chestnut horse mounts! 

There will be 3 ways to enter:
1) Draw a picture of a Wizard related character or Anime related picture for me to post (Email your drawings to:.  Your picture can be posted if you want me to or it can simply get you entered into the contest.  * you could randomly win one of 4 chestnut ponies with your drawing and 1 chestnut pony to the best drawing * For each drawing I'll contibute to the Japanese quake relief effort.
*** you can enter more than once by submitting additional drawings ***

2) Sign up to follow the blog  * randomly win 1 of 5 chestnut pony mount *  That's all.  Just sign up to follow and you could win!

3) Random drawing for anyone filling in the survey below.  * randomly win 1 of 5 chestnut pony*  You won't get any emails or spam from this blog EVER, unless you win a pony that is!!!
*** you can enter more than once by visting every day and submitting the form below ***

If you are you a younger wizard you'll want to get a parent to provide their email address.  So if you need to, ask your parent.



Anonymous said...

That makes number 2 and 3 done. Now just need to draw!

M.W.S said...

Well, I already followed your blog just did the survey.

Good luck to everyone!

Thanks Vale and credit to Kingsisle for hosting the contest!

Unknown said...

So any wizard characters would be fine right? I may even send an old anime drawing i did few years ago... :)

SorceressMiklai said...

Already following your blog and I did the survey. What is option 7? I would like to add friends as the best part of W101.

Best of luck to all!


Jason Goldriver said...

How do I follow your blog? I'm obviously not experienced with this. LOL.

Anonymous said...

How do I follow the blog, LOL?

Unknown said...

I am gonna go send the files of the pictures I draw. Heading over to sending you the pictures :) cross figures hoping i win XD

Aaaaaa said...

i finish all of those quests what now :)

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Hey Valerian! I run and

I recently drew an awesome pic of my legendary ice wizard in his Guardians Outfit for PvP. I will send it to you soon. I hope I win and good luck to all the other artists xD

Parent said...

When do drawing submissions need to be sent in by to be considered?

Parent said...

I think there should be an entry on the survey for "Playing with your kids". :)

Anonymous said...

how do i view the blog?