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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jade Oni Hit

Duncan, Scarlet, Ryan and I were playing around with Jade Oni and set up this hit. I was baffled by the fact that the last 2 sets of traps were not used up but afterward we went to Unicorn Way and did extensive research on traps and converts and have discovered the reason for this. I will shortly post a video about how to set up one of these nuclear strikes possibly as high as a million. There is a lot of missinformation out there on how converts are to be used I plan to settle the score once and for all and show you by the numbers how to do the same. With this level of force multiplication you could kill Oni with a minor strike.


M.W.S said...

Um, most guys already know what it takes to get high overkill hits... Hoped, you/friends used elixirs and full gear because this hit is not the highest damage inflicted upon the jade oni.

Vale said...

MWS, thx but i know this isn't the highest hit. It is one of the highest hits since treasure traps were made not stackable. Not to mention were were only able to buy half of the life traps required to set up a full hit. And like I indicated the last 2 layers did't fire which a) had the most traps in them and b)can be fixed with a minor adjustment. Also I used a low-tough initial hit which can also be adjusted up.

I plan to post a new one soon that will rival the best ever recorded. Then, impressed or not, I'll be satisfied.